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Creating a skincare regimen from scratch sometimes requires years of research and a long journey of trial-and-error that often comes with a hefty price tag. With the popularization of skincare on social media—especially TikTok—it seems like there’s a new skin concern to address and an accompanying buzzy product to test each day. Do you focus on discoloration or texture? Is a vitamin C serum necessary? How much sunscreen is too much? (FYI: There’s no such thing as too much sunscreen.) The simpler the routine, the better—but everyone needs to start somewhere.

Enter: Skincare bundles. Testing out bite-sized versions of retinol-infused this and BHA-formulated that makes it easier to round our your skincare lineup with what you know works for your skin. Plus, skincare kits almost always cost half as much as the regular sized product, so you’re getting a full routine without having to break the bank. There’s strength in numbers, which is why we rounded up the 19 best skincare sets that actually work. From Soko Glam’s hydrating K-Beauty gems to Supergoop’s bestselling sunsreens to KNC Beauty’s Instagrammable lip masks, there’s a skin set for every skin type.

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Best For Skincare Minimalists

The Skincare Set

  • May not be suited for oily skin

Glossier has a slew of skincare sets to choose from but this is the cult-favorite. After cleansing and moisturizing, keep your lips soft with the multipurpose Balm Dotcom.


Best for Luxury

The Mini Miracle Broth™ Glow Collection

Any La Mer product on its own costs you a pretty penny. But testing out the lush skincare brand’s bestsellers for $165 is a steal. As the name suggests, each item in the set works miracles on your skin by imparting hydration and radiance using ingredients from the sea.


Best Bang for Your Buck

Jet Set Hydration Kit

  • May not be suited for oily skin

Hotel skincare isn’t always the best for your skin. Never leave home without your reliable skincare travel kit that has your AM and PM routines already figured out.


Best for Gentle Exfoliating

Power Couple: Lactic Acid and Retinol Kit

  • May not be suited for sensitive skin

Introducing retinol into your skincare routine isn’t as easy as it seems. But this Sunday Riley duo, featuring the holy grail Good Genes treatment, is gentle yet powerful enough to deliver some serious results.


Best for All Skin Types

The Essential Skin Care Collection: Skin Type 3

This is the collection that helped fade years of impurities in a matter of months. Renee Rouleau’s products are grouped together by skin type to ensure the products are targeting your specific concerns.


Best For Oily Skin

The Balance Set

  • May not be suited for very dry skin

If you’re dealing with excess oils, acne, or uneven skin texture, this low-cost set from the Ordinary has everything you need for smooth, even skin. With a squalane cleanser, salicylic acid mask, niacinamide serum, and lightweight moisturizer, you’re all set.


Best For Dry Skin

The Starter Ritual Set

Dehydrated skin needs some extra love, and this skincare set from Tatcha is just what it needs for that boost of hydration. With two moisturizers, their Essence, Cleansing Oil, and gentle exfoliator, you’ll be on your way to hydrated, smooth skin in no time.


Best For Acne

Effaclar Dermatological 3 Step Acne Treatment System

This French pharmacy brand has curated a three-step process for finally ditching the breakouts. With salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, this set includes a cleanser, toner, and spot treatment to rapidly clear even stubborn breakouts.


Best Mini Skincare Routine

The Littles Night Out

If you’ve always wanted to try Drunk Elephant, this is the routine to get you started. It contains four of the brand’s bestselling products: their jelly cleanser, a nighttime re-surfacing serum, a hydrating serum, and their iconic moisturizer.


Best Lightweight Set

3-Step Introduction Kit For Oilier Skin

  • May not be suited for dry skin

Especially in warmer months, we want our skincare to feel lightweight and breathable. That’s why this set has curated products specifically formulated for oily skin types. It includes a cleanser, gentle exfoliator, and lightweight gel moisturizer.


Best Clean Routine

The Youth System™

For fans of clean skincare that comes with excellent results, look no further than Youth to the People. This skincare set comes with six incredible products: their bestselling cleanser, vitamin C serum, moisturizer, face oil, eye cream, and a face mask.


Best for Brightening

Best Sellers Gift Set

Reverse dull, dehydrated skin with Skinceuticals’ Best Sellers set. Featuring the C E Ferulic Acid treatment, as well as hyaluronic acid and anti-aging cream, the trio combats aging skin while reducing the appearance of dark marks over time.


Best For The TikTok Beauty Obsessive

Fruit Babies Skincare Kit

  • Some may dislike the scent

Everyone online is obsessed with Glow Recipe, and now you can try five of their bestsellers in a perfectly curated set. These products will help your skin look plumped, glowing, hydrating and dewy–basically, everything you could ever want.


Best For Sun Protection

SPF Yeah! Sunscreen Kit

This set from Supergoop! allows you to test the brand’s most popular sunscreens to find one that suits your skin. With their bestselling glow screen, an SPF-packed setting powder, and two hydrating sunscreen formulas, you’ll want to pack this on all your beach vacations.


Best For Stubborn Scars

Blemish Scar & Discoloration Duo

  • Takes time to see results

Don’t let discoloration get you down. Suitable for all skin types, this skincare duo targets dark spots, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation that will result in a more even skin tone.


Best For Anti-Aging

Nighttime Necessities Repair + Lift + Hydrate Set

  • Takes time to see results

Anyone who tells you you’re too old to care about fine lines or wrinkles is wrong. The earlier you start taking care of your skin, the longer you can maintain a youthful glow. Estee Lauder’s Nighttime Necessities kit does the hard work while you sleep, so you can wake up with refreshed and plumped skin.


Best For Balance

Skin Transforming Cocoshea 3 Piece Kit

This skincare set from Buttah has all the skin saviors you need to brighten, nourish, and refresh dull, dehydrated skin.


Best For Exfoliation

Glow In A Wink ExfoliKate® Bestsellers Set

  • May not be suited for very sensitive skin

Kate Somerville’s kit is the best travel buddy anyone can have. Whenever you’re suffering from breakouts, dull skin, or uneven skin texture, these three products will smooth them out in no time.


Best For Makeup Removal

Face Set

  • May not be suited for very oily skin

With this simple yet effective set, you can remove your makeup, hydrate your skin, and restore balance in three easy steps.


Best For Content Creators

Big Set Sheet Mask

In the mood for a sheet mask? KNC’s Beauty Big Set gives you four options to choose from, depending on whatever state your skin is in at the moment.


Best for Natural Ingredients

Acne Treatment Set

  • Takes time to see results

Annes Apothecary has you covered with an all-natural skincare line that fights acne without leaving your skin irritated. Built around the humectant it’s named after; the Black Honey cleanser contains activated charcoal and tea tree oil (all ingredients that run throughout the collection) that will leave you with clear skin in no time.


Best For K-Beauty Lovers

Summer Skin Essentials Set

The world of K-Beauty can be daunting to navigate, so Soko Glam, the popular K-Beauty one-stop shop, houses everything you need to diversify your skincare stash. The set includes 5 items that your skin will need this summer.


Best For Dull Skin

Your On-The-Glow Hydration Trio

  • May not be suited for oily skin

Ceramide is the star ingredient of this set, which help the skin retain moisture and protect it against environmental stressors. If your skin has lost its luster, incorporating the It Cosmetics set into your routine will change your life!


Best For Nourishment

Rich Face Essentials Set

Blade and Bloom’s skincare kit feature ingredients from essential oils to turmeric and oatmeal to ensure your skin remains healthy and radiant.


Best For Frequent Breakouts

Adult Anti-Acne System

  • May not be suited for very sensitive skin

Adulting comes with its successes and failures, but one thing that’s difficult to combat is adult acne. Peter Thomas Roth has the remedy. Featuring five products—cleanser, moisturizer, spot treatment, toner, and patches—the process can be interchanged for days when you have one breakout or several. And the most important part of any skincare routine, don’t forget your SPF!

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