3 Reasons Panthers Fans Should Be Happy About Baker Mayfield


Baker Mayfield #6 of the Cleveland Browns looks to pass during a game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field on December 25, 2021 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  The Packers defeated the Browns 24-22.
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It’s a new day for fans of the Carolina Panthers, as the team has yet another new quarterback in town.

The deal for Baker Mayfield is finally complete, as the former Browns quarterback has completed his physical.

This now means yet another new quarterback for the team who’s struggled to replace former QB Cam Newton.

However, Panthers fans should be happy about this deal.

While it might be hard to find happiness with Mayfield, who’s seen as immature, there are three reasons they should be happy.


3. Mayfield Can Reinvent Himself In Carolina

With all the dirty laundry being aired out in Cleveland about Mayfield, he can make a change with his new team.

This move gives him a chance to overcome the immature label and to put hard work into football.

With a new team, and a new start, he can change and show fans he’s maturing.

However, it’s on him to show this change, as his future in the NFL depends on him maturing.

While he has every chance to do this with Carolina, only time will tell if he can take advantage of this change.

He’s going to have to earn his spot as a starter and earn a new contract with Carolina based on how he plays this season.

Earning these things will be a great way for him to reinvent himself as a player.

It would also be something Panthers fans can be happy with if he does these things.


2. Mayfield At Least Has Playoff Experience

You can’t knock a player who’s been to the playoffs.

While the two playoff games he’s been in aren’t much, they are more than the other Carolina QBs have been in.

That experience might make a difference if Mayfield can make a good transition with the Panthers franchise.

However, that experience came on the backs of his defense and star players on offense back in Cleveland.

But if he reinvents himself, he can show that he can lead the Panthers to a playoff game one day.

While that playoff appearance might not be this season, it could happen later if the team keeps him.

If they keep him, and get him more weapons on offense, then that playoff experience might prove helpful.


1. Mayfield Brings A Fight For Starting Job In Carolina

While some think the starting job is a given to Mayfield, it might not be.

Sam Darnold isn’t going to just let the former Browns QB walk in and take away his job.

That means there can be a fight for the starting job during the preseason.

It would help the team, as the two quarterbacks would need to prove why they are best suited for the job.

Panthers fans should be happy with the competition, which should help both quarterbacks improve.

It could also show if Mayfield’s heart is into playing as an NFL quarterback.

So when the preseason begins, Panthers fans have things to be happy about with Mayfield.

That means there is a silver lining around the cloud Panthers fans currently see with their 2022 season.

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