3 Reasons Why The Shouldn’t Trade Willson Contreras


Willson Contreras #40 of the Chicago Cubs celebrates hitting a grand slam off of Bryse Wilson #32 of the Pittsburgh Pirates during the first inning of a game at Wrigley Field on May 16, 2022 in Chicago, Illinois.
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Trade rumors around Chicago Cubs catcher Willson Contreras have been a hot button issue in Chicago.

Many fans don’t want to see their team repeat what they did in 2021 with other star players.

However, it seems like upper management is ignoring the pleas from their fans.

While they beg their team to extend Contreras, nothing new has come about from this.

Even Contreras would like to stay with the Cubs if they give him an offer.

With him wanting to stay, there are three reasons the Cubs shouldn’t trade the star catcher.


3. Cubs Don’t Have A Great Replacement For Contreras

If you examine the Cubs roster of catchers, there’s no one around that can replace Contreras.

While the team has Yan Gomes, his best years are now behind him.

The 35-year-old catcher had one of his last best seasons during a shortened 2020 MLB season.

His .284 batting average and .319 on-base percentage during 2020 was the second best in his career since his 2013 season.

Contreras brings an offense bat and creates runs when he’s on the field, making him more dangerous than Gomes.

His weighted runs created by a catcher puts him in ninth place among catchers since 2000.

It’s very difficult to find a catcher that can give this kind of offensive production.


2. Contreras Still Has Plenty Of Time Left To Play Baseball

Catchers in MLB have rest days because of the toll they take on their knees with playing.

With Contreras being 30-years-old, that could be a reason the team would rather trade him than keep him.

However, he’s got plenty of gas left to keep going as an everyday catcher for the team.

But with the average retirement age in MLB at 29.5, it gives the Cubs the false notion that Contreras doesn’t have much gas left.

While the age is there, his performance is a different story.

He’s consistent at helping the Cubs on offense, and even pitching off base stealers.

With no signs of regression, there’s no reason the Cubs should trade him based on his age.


1. Cubs Fans Will Never Forget Ownership If They Trade Contreras

The biggest reason the Cubs should keep the services of Contreras is because their fan base won’t forgive them if they do trade Contreras.

Fans already feel like letting him go, via a trade or releasing him, would be a low blow to them.

They want the team to build around the talent of their catcher.

However, the Cubs proved last season they will part ways with their best players.

Those moves have set up the anger with Cubs fans over ownership’s handling of the roster.

If they pull the trigger on a trade, Cubs fans won’t forgive them.

While they waited over a century to win a World Series, the fan base won’t show patience with a Contreras trade.

It would become an unforgivable sin in the Windy City.

With them upset, you could see a totally different vibe in Chicago over the Cubs.

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