8 Ways To Make Elden Ring Feel New Again While You Wait For DLC


2. Meet cute girls

After you’re done getting to know the Elden Ring community, commit to getting to know Elden Ring’s community, its thriving non-playable character population.

It’s easy to let elaborate questlines fall to the wayside during your first Elden Ring attempt, particularly if you’re new to the intricate, opaque threads of NPC questlines in FromSoftware RPGs. You might have spent more time finding your footing in battle than determining which place you’re supposed to teleport to at which time to receive which character’s magical, mystical, large poke-y weapon, but now that you have a few months of playtime under your belt, it’s worth catching up with connections you might have made and missed.

If you have an unfinished game, talk to all the NPCs you’ve met to gauge where you’re at in their questlines. Elden Ring quest lines can be unforgiving, often requiring obscure actions to progress them, but they aren’t as stringent as you think. A lot of them can be figured out by talking to NPCs and reading the descriptions for the items they give you (and, again, turning to the Elden Ring community). It might not be too late to hit Millicent up for some quality time in your current playthrough, or you can commit a new game to following every loose thread.

Questlines keep you engaged and occupied with elaborate backstory, new locations, items, and experiences. Really committing to them can make Elden Ring feel like a completely different game with completely different goals.

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