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Abandoned Sears#2341 in 2020: Sears at the Eastridge Mall in Casper, Wy + Wyoming’s First Sears Store! [History + In-depth look!]

📚 History 📚
Wyoming’s first Sears originally opened in Downtown Casper on October 8th, 1952. This was a two story Sears, and I believe the ONLY two-level Sears in Wyoming! Almost exactly three decades later in October of 1982, Sears relocated to the Eastridge Mall at the time the mall was built. Unlike the original Downtown Casper Sears, this Sears didn’t have as big of a celebration according to Oil City News, and in fact opened just a bit before things started turning sour.

Just under four decades later in October, Casper’s Sears 2341 was announced to close for good. Being Wyoming’s LAST Full-line Sears, the store silently locked the doors at the end of December 2018, never to reopen. To this day, this space sits vacant, wanting to see a new tenant. Considering how well JAX Outdoor Gear did in opening in Cheyenne’s full-line Sears at Frontier Mall, maybe just maybe, them or a similar brand can use this space for something better.

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👉 Sears Cheyenne Documentary (https://youtu.be/t6_7kn–s7w)
👉 Spirit Halloween in former Sears Outlet (https://youtu.be/qv_B4EQlRE0)

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🎥 Filmed: 2020/09/13

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