ADLEY & NiKO πŸŽ„ WiNTER WORKSHOP!! our Family is Preparing your orders! Blankets! Posters! Pajamas!




HEY EVERYBODY!! Our family made new Merch, Hoodies, Beanies, Blankets, Ornaments, Art Pouches, Magnet Tiles, and even Rainbow Pets for this holiday season!! AND We thought it would be a really good idea if we spent some time working together to package some presents for you!! I asked my parents if we could turn our house into an Adley and Niko Workshop just like Santa has, where we can take everything we make for you and get it all ready!! They thought that was a great idea and we went to work!! We turned my room into an assembly line with all of our new hoodies, beanies, and jammies! Dad would get on his computer and monitor the orders coming in and it was so cool!! The screen would show the whole world and when someone places an order we can see where they live!! It was great seeing where all of my friends lived like Utah, Tennessee, Canada, and even Australia just like Bluey!! After we would get an order, Dad would yell out to us and we would get the Merch ready!! We then would take the merch and slide it down a slide to mom, where she would package them up in their plastic bags! When we were done with the Merch Slide we went to the Art Station where we got the Adley’s Art Pouch with Rainbow Pencils ready!! I can’t wait for you to feel these fun new Art Pouches!! They have poppers all over the side and they have a cute little button with the Adley and Dad cartoon on it!! After we filled the pouches with all the rainbow pencils we got orders for our blankets!! We built our blanket room in Niko’s room!! We piled all of our blankets onto shelves and waited for Dad to call out the order! When we got a new customer we took a blanket, folded it nicely, and then handed it to mom so that she could pack it away nicely!! The next station was where we could pack up posters!! Our posters are some of my favorites!! There are 3 posters and guess what…. You get all of them in the same package!! AND we will also give you free stickers!! How cool is that?! Our family works together to get things done and we make it really fun!! Next we head downstairs to our Toy Room!! We have filled the basement with our Family Time Magnet Tiles β€œchoose one more thing to do” and Rainbow Pets!! Mom and Dad have been working a lot to get everything ready for this week but Niko and I have been playing in this room everyday!! Niko and I have been building with the titles and playing family with our new plushies! It was so much fun making and packaging all of this for you! We hope that you like everything we made and make sure you share a picture with us so we can see!!

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