Always Wanted to Study the Great Books? Here’s How You’ll Actually Follow Through–Scott Hambrick


Jan 29, 2019

Many people want to study the great books of the western world
in a group setting, but are unable to study at a Great Books
college like St. John’s, and it’s not easy to find people willing
to commit to read and meet to discuss the books regularly. I was in
that club until I found a new company called Online Great Books. It
provides both the books and the people to discuss them with via
video conferencing software, all on a schedule that normal, busy
folks can keep up with. I want to let people in on the fun I’ve
been having, so I invited OGB founder Scott Hambrick to join me on
the show.

OGB’s latest enrollment period began on January 28th (the day
before this podcast came out) and will stay open for about seven
days. Get in there using discount code
“catholicculture” for 25% off your first three months! 


Join Online Great Books via this referral link

Learn more about OGB

Mortimer Adler’s list of the Great Books of the Western World

Online Great Books Podcast

The Underground History of American

Today’s reading: C.S. Lewis, “Willing Slaves of the Welfare

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