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Amazon is launching two new designs for its Echo Dot Kids devices, the company announced at its virtual event today. The Echo Dot Kids devices now come in new Owl and Dragon designs. The two new designs join Amazon’s current Echo Dot Kids devices: the Tiger and the Panda. The new designs will be available starting next month for $59.99.

Amazon’s Echo Dot devices are designed to help kids learn and grow, as kids can ask Alexa questions, set alarms and get help with their homework. The devices also include parental controls; you can set daily time limits, filter explicit songs and review activity in the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

The company also noted that the devices come with one year of Amazon Kids+, which is its kid-focused content service that includes ad-free books, games, apps and Alexa Skills. Amazon also teased that soon kids will get access to new partner and premium options with Amazon Kids+.

On the topic of0 kids, Amazon also revealed a new AI-powered feature will allow kids to co-create characters and visual stories with Alexa with parental consent. Following Alexa’s prompts, kids will be able to select or customize animated characters and Alexa will create a unique story with visuals and music. The company says this feature is made possible by advancements in conversational and generative AI across language and audio. Kids will be able to use the feature this holiday season.

Amazon also announced that Disney’s wearable device that lets guests enter theme parks and more, the MagicBand+, will be compatible with “Hey, Disney!” and work with Echo devices.

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