American Sports Betting Sees High Approval Rate


We’re now over four years past the Supreme Court ruling making American sports betting a mainstream activity. It was in May of 2018 when the nations highest court rules that PASPA was an unconstitutional violation of state’s rights. And now, we’re closing in on 40 states which regulate the activity.

However, one concern was always public attitudes toward betting on sporting events. For many years the media and Hollywood had stigmatized American sports betting as something reserved for organized crime and dark alleys. Thankfully, those stereotypical images now appear to be a thing of the past.

A new poll conducted by the Washington Post-University of Maryland has found that nearly two-thirds of people now have a positive view of wagering on sports. In fact, having asked the opinions on over 1,500 Americans, a full 66% say they approve of the legalization and regulation of sports betting.

That’s not to say that these citizens have a cavalier attitude about things. That same group of people was split when it cam to betting on college games, where the approval rating drops to just 50%. Still, just over half of those who participated in this poll have a neutral view of this issue, saying that American sports betting is “neither good nor bad”.

One interesting aspect of this poll was when the question of addiction came up. Over 70% of those asked about the topic have some degree of concern that increased availability will lead to higher rates of addiction. Although their opinions are not scientifically valid, and research states this in not necessarily the case, it’s still a bit concerning.