An Unsolved Case In Wind River short1/3 #shorts #film #movie #filmcommentary #featurefilm


#shorts #film #movie #filmcommentary #featurefilm
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Wind River
Summary: During the winter on Wyoming’s Wind River Indian Reservation, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agent Cory Lambert discovers the frozen body of 18-year-old Natalie Hanson. FBI Special Agent Jane Banner arrives to investigate the possible homicide. Banner learns from Natalie’s father, Martin, that his daughter was dating a new boyfriend who is unknown to him. Natalie’s autopsy shows signs of blunt trauma and rape, as well as confirming Lambert’s deduction that Natalie died from pulmonary hemorrhage caused by subzero air. The medical examiner is unable to classify the death as a homicide, so Banner cannot get additional help from her supervisors.


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