Architecture for Art: University of Wyoming's place in the history of modern museum architecture


The turn of this century may be remembered as the Golden Age of museum architecture. MOMA, the Guggenheim, and University of Wyoming Art Museum are all among the elite structures showcased in the coffe-table tome, “Architecture for Art: American Art Museums, 1938-2009”. Wyoming Signataures’ Ali Grossman met with the book’s editor, Scott Tilden, to discuss our place in the history of modern museum architecture.

Produced by UW Television and aired on Wyoming Signatures (on Wyoming Public Television)

Producer, Videographer, and Editor:
Ali Grossman

Audio Engineer:
Mary Jung

Graphics Transfer:
Craig Robbins

Post Production Assistants:
Natalie Luscomb and Solomon West

Photographs from:
Architecture for Art : American Art Museums, 1938-2008
Scott J. Tilden, editor
Paul Rocheleau, photographer

Additional Still Photography
provided with courtesy by:
Betsy Bress, UW Art Museum
Centre Pompidou
Jim Peaco, NPS
Centre de Pompidou, Paris
The Metropolitan Museum of Art
National Park Service
Robert Reck
Tim Rummelhoff
Antoine Predock
University of Wyoming Art Museum
Brooks Walker
Wyoming Tales and Trails,


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