Benitez Decision COULD take effect – Assault Weapons Ban Challenge Update! Miller V Bonta


Miller v Bonta may be moving forward and we are one step closer to ending the AW BAN now that FPC has filed to remove the stay on the benitez decision

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Miller v Bonta cliffnotes

Benitez issued ruling on the merits saying unconstitutional per text/history

Placed a 30 day stay on order for state to appeal to 9th or extend stay

State appealed to 9th
Received emergency stay

Placed on HOLD for Rupp v Bonta
Rupp on hold at 9th from scotus Bruen
Sent back to district court

FPC sends request to lift the emergency stay.
Emergency stay was only granted due to lack of 2 step test. 2 step test no longer valid.
FPC claims state has no chance to win and that benitez used the proper test.

Stay could be lifted. Or potentially cased is accelerated and heard in September.

If stay is lifted how do you prepare. What if Theres “freedom week” type situation.
Don’t waste money.
Have an A2 grip and a few normal mag releases laying around. That’s it.


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