Bighorn National Forest & Scenic Byway in Wyoming


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Bighorn Scenic Byway
Length: 45 mi / 72.4 km
Time to allow: 1 hour
Open: Year round

US Hwy 14 connects Sheridan and surrounding communities with Greybull, Wyoming and includes miles of scenic mountain driving. Look out over spectacular valley views from one of several roadside turnouts. On a clear day, you can see for miles and miles. Interesting stops include Shell Falls and Sand Turn.


Camera used: GoPro 7 Silver

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► I grew up in Kalamazoo, Michigan and graduated with a Marketing degree from Oakland University in Rochester, Michigan.
► I moved to Colorado in November 2016 and fell in love with all the beautiful nature scenes that Colorado has to offer. So, the Nash Potatoes Outdoor Show (an outdoor nature VLOG) was created in April 2017. Slowly, but surely my channel began to grow.
► So, in November 2019, I took a 4-month camping trip in my pop-up camper. This gave me an opportunity to travel, explore, unwind, and create lots of great videos.
► Then, in December 2020, I began recording a series of downhill ski videos using a GoPro camera mounted to my ski helmet. These quickly became popular and my passion for YouTube was sparked once again!
► I actually had so many great memories of my camping trip that I’ve decided to do another one. In April 2021, I began converting a 12-foot enclosed trailer into a camper. I plan to record videos at Yellowstone National Park, Glacier National Park, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. These videos are sure to be some of my best yet!
► The Nash Potatoes Outdoor Show allows me to share all of my experiences with you. Join me on my adventure as I talk about life, laughter, exploration, and creating content for YouTube…enjoy!

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