Borrowed Equipment COSTS Me BIG TIME | FS22 Elk Mountain, Wyoming | Flip the Farm Episode #32


This “Flip the Farm” series for FS22 is a spin off of television shows that portray someone buying a house, making renovations or upgrades, and then flipping the property for a profit. I decided to use this concept for a roleplay series, and instead of flipping a house, I am flipping an entire farm. I intend to continue this roleplay across many maps.

As a content creator, it is easy to get tied down to one or two maps for long periods of time. The goal of this series is to travel around the country, maybe even the globe, to find farms or property that I can invest a little elbow grease and “flip” them for a profit.

Maps used (so far) in this series:
Umbreon Valley {-or-}
Elk Mountain

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