Brian and Charles review: Can robots transform us, asks fantasy film


A gentle fantasy about a lonely inventor called Brian, whose world changes completely when a robot he creates comes to life, makes a serious point about the possibilities of personal robots, finds Simon Ings


6 July 2022

David Earl stars as Brian in director Jim Archer's BRIAN AND CHARLES, a Focus Features release. Courtesy of Will Davie / Focus Features

Brian’s life changes after he sees a mannequin’s head in some rubbish

Courtesy of Will Davie / Focus Features

Brian and Charles

Jim Archer

On general release in US/UK cinemas

AMATEUR inventor Brian Gittins has been having a bad time. He is terribly shy, lives alone and has become a favourite target of the local bully, Eddie Tomington (played by Jamie Michie).

He finds consolation in his “inventions pantry” (“a cowshed, really”), from which emerges one ludicrously misconceived invention after another. His heart is in the right place: his tricycle-powered “flying cuckoo clock”, for instance, is meant as a service to …

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