Can I Use A Walmart Gift Card For Gas? (2022 Updated)


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There are many reasons why you may prefer to use a gift card to pay for your gas.

Sometimes gift cards offer special discounts or allow you to gain points that can be used for different things.

Not all gas stations or stores offer gift cards or allow users to use their gift cards at the pump.

Knowing which ones do have this option will allow you to plan where you want to shop and buy gift cards for the appropriate locations so you can save or get gas easily without using a credit card, debit card, or cash.


Can I Use A Walmart Gift Card For Gas?

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You can use a Walmart gift card for gas.

Gift cards for Walmart work at the gas pumps just like they work inside the store to buy different items.

You will just need to load the card with the appropriate amount of money or the amount you wish to use for gas.

You simply scan a Walmart gift card at the gas pump the same way you would scan your credit or debit card.

The pump will add as much gas as the card balance can cover or will pump until you stop it.

You can also use a Walmart gift card at the window to pay the cashier.

Just let the cashier know how much you want to use from the balance of the card.

You can also ask the cashier to turn on the pump and then use the Walmart gift card to pay for the gas once you fill up your vehicle.


Can I Reload A Walmart Gas Card?

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Walmart gift cards or gas cards can be reloaded.

You can save the card once you use all the funds on it and take it back to a Walmart store to have additional money deposited on the card.

You can do this at any register or at the customer service desk.

You will need to have an idea of how much you want to add to the card and have a payment method ready.

You can use cash or a credit or debit card to buy a Walmart gas card or to add to the balance on the card.

You will receive a receipt that you should keep to ensure your card is loaded.

Once you load the card, you can use it at the gas pump just as you did originally.

You can reload a card as often as you need to, but you can also get a new card if your old card becomes worn down.

You can also reload a card even if you have not emptied the balance.


Can I Use A Walmart Gift Card For Gas At Sam’s Club?

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Sam’s Club is owned by Walmart, and you can use your Walmart gift card to pay for gas or any other merchandise at Sam’s Club.

You will need to have a Sam’s Club membership to use the pumps.

Most Sam’s Club gas stations are located within the same parking lot as the store, but you will need to show your membership card or swipe it to be able to use the pumps.

You can then scan your gift card to pay for your gas there the same way you would do it at a Walmart pump.

Many people choose to get gas at Sam’s Club because it offers special pricing.

Sam’s Club often offers lower prices on their gas than other gas stations in the area.

If you aren’t a member at Sam’s Club you can easily become one at the store or online.

Once you have a membership, you will be able to get gas at the Sam’s Club gas station with your Walmart gift card.


Do Any Other Gas Stations Accept Walmart’s Gift Cards For Payment?

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You can use a Walmart gas card to buy gas at Murphy USA gas stations and Sam’s Club gas stations.

Both companies are associated with Walmart, and their pumps will read and accept the Walmart card as a payment method.

Many Murphy USA gas stations are located in the parking lots of Walmart stores.

Some are placed in other locations and are not associated with Walmart.

They may still accept gift cards from Walmart, but some of them may not.

If you have questions about whether or not a gas station accepts Walmart gift cards as payment methods for gas just call ahead of time or ask the cashier before you pump the gas.


What Happens If My Walmart Gas Card Is Declined?

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There are many reasons a Walmart gift card could be declined at the pump and what you do depends on the reason it was declined.

If there is an issue with the card reader or the pump, you may need to see the cashier for assistance.

The cashier will be able to tell you if there is an issue with the system or your card.

The cashier will also be able to check the balance on your card to make sure there are funds available on it.

Sometimes a cashier can get a card to work on their register even if it won’t work at the pump.

If there are not enough funds on the card to cover gas, this could be the reason the card is declined.

In this case, you will need to use a different payment method or you may need to reload the card with more funds.

Sometimes the card itself can be the problem.

If your card is worn or if the magnetic strip on the back goes bad, the pump may not be able to read it.

A cashier should be able to move the balance to a new card that you can use at the pump successfully.


Can I Buy Gas That Costs More Than The Balance On My Gift Card?

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You can buy more gas than what is on your Walmart gift card.

You can do this in two different ways.

If you are paying at the pump, you will need to swipe your gift card and get as much gas as possible with the balance of your card.

You will then need to use a credit or debit card and swipe it to pay for the rest of the gas that you want to get.

If you want to pay the cashier at the window, you can give them the gift card and tell them how much is on it.

You can also ask them to check the balance.

If you want more gas than what is on the balance of the card, you can ask the cashier to apply it and then pay them with your other payment method for any other gas you wish to put in your car.


Will A Walmart Gas Card Only Cover A Certain Type Of Gas?

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No, you can use a Walmart gift card to purchase any type of gas that you choose.

Walmart carries different types of gas, so it’s important to know what type of gas your car takes so you can put the right type in your car.

When you use your Walmart gift card to get gas, you will need to swipe your card and then select the type of gas you want on the pump.

You can then add the gas to the car until your tank is full or until your card balance reaches its end.

If you need to get more gas, you will need to use another payment method to add more gas to your car.


Do I Have To Activate A Walmart Gas Card?

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If the gift card you purchase has a balance that is less than $250, then it will already be activated when you purchase it and you will not need to do anything else.

It’s ready to use, and you can simply swipe it at the pump to buy your gas with it.

If you are buying a gift card from Walmart that will have a balance that is higher than $250, you will have to activate it.

You can activate the card in a few different ways.

You can visit the website and navigate to the appropriate page to activate the gift card using the numbers on the card and the pin.

You can also activate it over the phone.

You will still need to enter the numbers and the pin when prompted.

You will not be able to use the card until it is activated.


How Can I Check My Walmart Gift Card Balance?

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You can check your Walmart gift card’s balance by calling the phone number on the back of the card and entering the card number and pin.

This will tell you the current balance.

You can also visit the Walmart website and enter your card number to get the current balance.

Another option is to take the card to a Walmart store and ask a cashier to check the balance for you.

They can scan the card and tell you how much of a balance is available to you.


Can Someone Else Use My Gift Card For Walmart?

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Anyone can use your Walmart gift card.

This can be somewhat convenient if you plan to buy a gift card for someone else or if you just want to let them pump gas or run an errand to the store for you.

However, it can cause problems if you happen to lose your gift card or if it is stolen.

Since there is no way to prove who a gift card belongs to before it is used, anyone can find a gift card or steal one and use it as they please.

If you do lose your gift card or suspect it has been stolen, you will need to report it stolen as soon as possible.

You can find the phone number on the back of any other Walmart gift card or on the Walmart website.

If you want to transfer the balance of your lost card to a new card, you will need to know the full card number and the PIN.

If you can provide this information, a customer service representative may be able to cancel the old card and add the balance to the new card.

You will also need to do this before someone else finds and uses the card.

Once the balance has been spent, there is no way to get it back.

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