Cat Power to Recreate Bob Dylan’s Iconic 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert


Cat Power has announced a special performance at London’s Royal Albert Hall: a recreation of Bob Dylan’s 1966 iconic set at the venue. Cat Power will play the same songs as Dylan and in the same order. Like Dylan, Cat Power will play the first half of her set acoustic before going electric for the second half.

A recording of Dylan’s Royal Albert Hall concert was formally released as a double album in 1998. The show took place just a few months after he first went electric at the Newport Folk Festival in the summer of 1965. The bootleg recordings are notable for capturing one fan screaming “Judas!” at Dylan during one show in Manchester. The musician responded by telling his band to “play it fuckin’ loud.” Members of Dylan’s band during the electric set, the Hawks, eventually splintered off to become the Band.

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AEG Presents: Cat Power Sings Dylan: The 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert

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