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Before pulling on my boots to get WYO’d at the opening night of the Sheridan WYO Rodeo, I hauled my family in the early morning hours to Glazed ‘N Confused for a bit of nonprofit advocating. This glorious, sugary establishment was just one of 15 coffee shops that participated in giving a portion of their proceeds from that day back to the 30 Sheridan County nonprofits participating in this 24-hour day of giving: WyoGives! We hope many of you got caffeinated on that day and gained some insight into your local nonprofits, which do amazing things for our community. If you also donated, we want to extend our sincere gratitude for your support.

While we were eating donuts and sipping a third cup of coffee, back at the WyoGives headquarters in Cheyenne, Governor Mark Gordon was reading his proclamation for the day. Thank you, Governor and First Lady Gordon, for supporting the Wyoming nonprofit sector on this special day of giving. The Wyoming Nonprofit Network launched the WyoGives fundraising idea during the 2020 pandemic, when many nonprofits around the state had to cancel fundraising initiatives. It proved to be a massive success, and this intense day of giving has only gained traction since. Now there are T-shirts, #showuswy fans, a Facebook page, videos, toolkits and local collaboratives to help the 256 organizations around Wyoming that participated this year make it a successful fundraiser. Not all the numbers are in just yet, but as of now more than $3.1 million was raised across the state.

Khale Century Reno is executive director of the Wyoming Wilderness Association and a board member of the Wyoming Nonprofit Network.

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