Dimensity 9200+ brings higher CPU and GPU clocks, promises lower power usage


MediaTek is on a roll and has unveiled its third chipset this month. Today’s item is the Dimensity 9200+, which schooled the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in preliminary Geekbench 6 tests. As the name suggests, this is a boosted version of the Dimensity 9200 chipset from last year.

The new Dimensity 9200+ gets higher CPU clocks, 17% boost to the GPU

It’s still fabbed on TSMC’s N4P node (4nm, second gen) but is able to run its CPU and GPU at higher clock speeds. This includes all three CPU clusters, which promises a 10% uplift over the original version of the chip.

The new Dimensity 9200+ chipset at a glance

The new Dimensity 9200+ chipset at a glance

As for the ARM Immortalis G715 GPU, MediaTek kept the specifics under wraps, but says that the you can expect 17% higher performance on average. The display adapter supports FHD+ @ 240Hz, QHD+ at 144Hz and dual 2.5K displays at 60Hz. Check out the table below for an overview of the 9200+ compared against the 9200 and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Dimensity 9200 Dimensity 9200+ SD 8 Gen 2
Node N4P N4P N4
CPU Prime 1x Cortex-X3 @ 3.05GHz 1x Cortex-X3 @ 3.35GHz 1x Cortex-X1 @ 3.2GHz*
CPU Big 3x Cortex-A715 @ 2.85GHz 3x Cortex-A715 @ 3.0GHz 2x Cortex-A715 @ 2.8GHz + 2x A710 @ 2.8Ghz
CPU Little 4x Cortex-A510 @ 1.8GHz 4x Cortex-A510 @ 2.0GHz 3x Cortex-A510 @ 2.0Ghz
GPU Immortalis G715 Immortalis G715 (+17%) Adreno 740*
5G sub-6GHz/mmWave (7.9Gbps) sub-6GHz/mmWave (7.9Gbps) sub-6GHz/mmWave (10Gbps)
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 7 (6.5Gbps) Wi-Fi 7 (6.5Gbps) Wi-Fi 7 (5.8Gbps)
Bluetooth BT 5.3 BT 5.3 BT5.3
Camera 320MP, 18-bit ISP 320MP, 18-bit ISP 200MP, 18-bit ISP
Video 8K @ 30fps, 4K @ 60fps 8K @ 30fps, 4K @ 60fps 8K @ 30fps, 4K @ 120fps

* X1 @ 3.36GHz for Galaxy,
higher GPU clock too

Note that the SD 8 Gen 2 chipset listed above is the one that is widely available. Samsung has an exclusive deal for chips that run their X3 cores at 3.36GHz (instead of 3.2GHz) and the GPU at 719MHz (instead of 680MHz).

Higher performance isn’t the only goal for this chip – it can also do the same amount of work with less power. MediaTek offers the following examples of what you can expect in terms of lower power usage:

  • 10-21% savings in popular games
  • 35% savings in messaging apps
  • 36% savings in Wi-Fi hotspot mode

Right now both MediaTek and phone makers are keeping things under wraps, but the first phones with the Dimensity 9200+ are probably just around the corner.

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