Disturbing Stat Shows Broncos’ Redzone Woes


Russell Wilson #3 of the Denver Broncos scrambles during a game against the Indianapolis Colts at Empower Field At Mile High on October 06, 2022 in Denver, Colorado.
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The Denver Broncos came into their Thursday night game as the worst team inside the redzone.

However, there was no improvement in that statistic after their game was over.

On Thursday night against the Indianapolis Colts, the Broncos had no answers to their redzone woes.

Despite having Russell Wilson, the team isn’t scoring touchdowns inside the 20.

This serious problem cost the Broncos the game on Thursday night, dropping them to 2-3.

So what are the statistics saying and is their hope for Denver to fix these problems?


Denver Is Consistently The Worst NFL Team In The Redzone

No other NFL team is as horrible inside the 20 as the Broncos are this season.

With the Broncos having two games of 0-for-4 or worse this season, they are losing games because of a lack of execution.

However, two of those drives from week one that ended with no points were because of fumbles on the one-yard line.

Miscues, mistakes, and poor game management are all plaguing the Broncos when inside the 20.

While they lost two games because of their redzone woes, those woes make them the worst team in the NFL with scoring.

So just how bad are the Broncos when trying to score in the redzone?


Broncos Have The Worst Record In The Redzone In First Five Games

While the Broncos are dead last in scoring touchdowns inside the redzone, they also have other troubling statistics.

Their 21.4% redzone TD rate is the worst in five games since 2008.

However, their average points per redzone visit are also horrible, as they only average 2.22 points when in the redzone this season.

It’s the worst redzone scoring since the 2012 Cleveland Browns, when they only scored 2.12 points in their first five games in the redzone.

The redzone is where teams are supposed to score points.

However, it’s where the Broncos are losing control of drives.

After Thursday night’s game, the Broncos are 3-14 in scoring touchdowns in the redzone.

If they continue failing in the redzone, fans might give up on their team.

But have the Broncos already lost the faith of fans in 2022?


Broncos Fans Left Before Overtime Started

Fans of the Denver Broncos had it with their team last night.

It was so bad those fans left the game before overtime even began.

While some are praising those fans, it also shows how fed up they are with their team.

The fans let their team know the disappointment they felt, as fans were booing during the game and leaving before it was over.

They are tired of having coaching mismanage the game and blow perfect chances in the redzone.

However, the Broncos’ management can regain the faith of their fans.

But to do this, they need to protect Wilson, have him make fewer mistakes, and improve their play calling.

It’s a tall task for them early in the NFL season, but something they must complete.

If they don’t, the stands in Denver might end up empty on game day.

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