Does Walmart Sell Sushi? (2022 Updated)




Sushi is a healthy and delicious meal that many people enjoy.

It’s usually available in sushi restaurants and other restaurants that have a sushi chef on hand.

Many people also like to make sushi themselves.

Some stores also sell sushi that is already made and ready to eat.

Knowing which stores sell sushi will make it easier for you to find it when you get a craving for it.


Does Walmart Sell Sushi?

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Walmart does sell sushi.

Stores carry both fresh and frozen sushi in many different varieties.

Moji is the brand most commonly sold by Walmart stores, but there are other brands that may be available at some Walmarts, depending on the location.

Some Walmart stores are preparing to add sushi restaurants inside their stores.

It will be much like the concession stands and Subway restaurants that are currently in many Walmart stores across America.

This will allow customers to enjoy sushi as a dine-in experience at Walmart or allow them to purchase sushi to take home and eat in their own homes.

Walmart sells a brand of sushi called Moji, and it is available in different flavor varieties.

Most sushi is made with the same base ingredients and flavors with other ingredients added to change those flavors and the overall variety of the sushi.

Moji offers two different flavors that include the California Roll and Spicy Crab Roll.

The latter flavor is a spicier option, and the California Roll is the most basic type of sushi with a flavor that most people are familiar with.

Moji sushi is a line of products manufactured by Trident Seafoods.

The sushi is frozen and sent out to numerous grocery stores.

They can be kept frozen and sold as such, or they can be thawed and sold as fresh seafood in the deli or coolers.

Some Walmart stores may sell other brands of sushi, but this is the most common option they have available.


Where Can I Find Sushi At Walmart?

Produce Department in a Walmart Supercenter


Walmart usually keeps its sushi in the coolers near the deli.

It can be found with cold sandwiches that are frozen or prepared fresh in the deli.

Some Walmarts do sell their sushi frozen in the freezer section or the seafood section next to the shrimp and crab meat.

Almost all Walmart stores sell sushi in one form or another.

If you are not able to find the sushi in your store, simply ask an employee and they will help you locate it.

If you prefer to use Walmart pickup for your grocery shopping, you can order sushi that way, too.

Just search for it as you would your other grocery items and choose the flavor and quantity you want.

It is available for pickup and delivery at most Walmart stores as long as they have it in stock.

If you plan to pick up your sushi, you may want to do so on time to reduce the risk of it being left out of the cooler.

Most Walmart employees are good about refrigerating the food until it is picked up, but it never hurts to be on time.

Just to be safe. Keep in mind that if you are having the sushi delivered, it may be thawed by the time it arrives, depending on the speed of delivery in your area.


Is Walmart’s Sushi Fresh?

Prepackaged ready-to-eat sushi


Walmart’s sushi is frozen after having been made fresh.

It comes from the Trident Seafood company that makes the sushi fresh but then packages and freezes it so it can be shipped to stores around the country.

Since the sushi is made fresh daily and shipped out so quickly.

It’s likely to arrive in stores within a couple of days of being made.

It may be kept in the freezer section at the stores, or it may be thawed and sold in the deli.

Once the sushi thaws, it stays fresh for several days.

The store will also add a sticker with the best if sold by date on it so customers will know when they can buy the sushi and expect it to still be fresh.

Stores will sometimes mark down the sushi when it is within a day or two of its “best by” date.

Once that date passes, the store associates will throw it away.


Does Walmart Make Their Own Sushi?

Making sushi


Walmart does not make the sushi that they sell in the freezer section or the deli.

Walmart is toying with the concept of adding sushi and beer restaurants in their stores.

In 2020, a Walmart store in Rogers, Arkansas partnered with a local brewery called Bike Rack Brewing Company to offer a variety of tasty craft beers at a restaurant inside the store.

The restaurant also has sushi chefs behind the counter who are capable of creating many different sushi roll options for customers.

While this restaurant is considered separate from the shopping portion of Walmart, in some sense, it does allow Walmart to provide fresh sushi for shoppers.

Guests can eat in the restaurant, or they can take their sushi to go.

This sushi is different from the brand sold in the store and is a fresher option.

This concept is not currently available in all Walmart stores, but if it proves to be successful in the Arkansas store, there’s a good chance these sushi and beer restaurants may open up in other Walmart locations across the country.


How Much Does Walmart’s Sushi Cost?

Sushi set on dark background


Walmart’s sushi ranges in price from $7 to $14.

Some Walmart stores only sell small portions of sushi, which are considered individual portions.

It’s available in small plastic containers with about 10 pieces of sushi in each container.

Some stores sell larger portions that contain more pieces and are meant to be family orders.

Stores receive the sushi in large boxes, and while the sushi is in preportioned packages, some stores may bundle the packages together and sell them as larger bundles.

The online price of the sushi is the same as it is in the store, but there may be a delivery fee associated with the sushi.

This can vary as some locations may not charge fees.

If you are a member of Walmart+, there may not be any delivery fees.

Pricing is different for each Walmart store so to get an accurate idea of the cost, it’s best to check your local Walmart or even get on the website to see how much the sushi costs.


What Is Included With Walmart’s Sushi?

Hands with sushi pack


Walmart’s sushi comes with some condiments that are commonly served with sushi in restaurants.

There is a small packet of soy sauce, a few slices of ginger, and a small dollop of wasabi.

These are already included in the sushi packages when Walmart receives them, so Walmart does not add these things to the container.

Sometimes the transport of the sushi can move the ginger and wasabi around inside the package, as they are not packaged separately like the soy sauce.

There are small plastic dividers added to the container to help prevent the ginger and wasabi from coming into contact with the sushi, but this doesn’t always work.

Many Walmart stores also offer a condiments counter where you can find things like soy sauce, packaged ginger, and other things that you might want to eat with the sushi.

Some people prefer mayonnaise, hot sauces, or even ranch.

There is no wrong way to eat sushi, and there are usually plenty of options.


Is It Safe To Buy Sushi From Walmart?

Sushi in plastic box


Walmart’s sushi is safe.

It is made by a reputable company, handled and kept cold or frozen until it arrives at the right store, and then immediately taken to the freezer or cooler where it is kept fresh.

The ingredients are good quality, and there have been no recalls from the factory that makes the sushi or from any Walmart stores selling sushi.

As with any food, it’s important to consider the ingredients that are in the sushi.

Some people have shellfish allergies, and although most sushi is made with artificial crab meat or fish, some of it may be made with fish or other seafood that can trigger allergic reactions.

Some people may also have allergies to other ingredients in the sushi or the condiments.

Many people cannot tolerate ginger, have allergies to soy sauce, or are not able to eat wasabi, which can be very spicy.

If you have never had sushi before, make sure you are aware of the ingredients and do not have any food allergies that could make it unsafe for you to eat.


Does Walmart Sell Sushi Ingredients?

preparing sushi


If you don’t want to purchase the already-made sushi from Walmart, you can buy all the ingredients to make the sushi yourself.

Walmart sells everything you need to make sushi at home.

The exact list of ingredients you need will depend on the type of sushi you plan to make.

In general, you will need to have these ingredients.

  • Rice
  • Seaweed
  • Crab meat or imitation crab meat
  • Avocado
  • Cucumber
  • Soy sauce
  • Ginger
  • Wasabi
  • Sushi Mat


If you are planning to serve sushi to a lot of people, it may be more affordable to buy the ingredients and make the sushi yourself.

When you make sushi, it’s hard to make just a little.

It’s usually easier and more affordable to make a lot.

If you are only making sushi for yourself or a couple of people, the more affordable option might be just to buy the sushi from Walmart.

If you can find it sold in family packs, you may be able to buy enough to feed a larger crowd for a price that is less than what it costs to make it.


How Do You Make Sushi At Home?

chef-praparing sushi


Making sushi at home is actually pretty easy as long as you have the right ingredients and tools.

You can find everything you need at Walmart.

Just follow these steps to make your own sushi.

  • Boil the rice and set it aside in a bowl.
  • Cut up your crab meat, cucumbers, and avocado.
  • Place a sheet of seaweed on the sushi mat.
  •  Add a scoop of rice and spread it out over the seaweed mat.
  • Add the crab meat and vegetable to the center of the rice on the mat.
  • Roll up the mat tightly to make a long roll of sushi.
  • Unroll the mat and remove the sushi roll.
  • Use a sharp knife to cut the roll into slices and place them on a plate.
  • Mix up your wasabi and cut up the ginger.
  • Serve the sushi with a side of soy sauce and the other condiments.

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