DOJ Was ‘Blindsided’ By Committee Hearings Because They Aren't Sharing Information


The Department of Justice has taken a lot of heat for not taking immediate action against Donald Trump and his allies, but maybe some of that anger is misplaced? According to a new report, the DOJ was apparently “blindsided” by the recent testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson and the revelations that came out because the Committee isn’t sharing transcripts of testimony that the Department had requested. If there is now cooperation between the two groups, there can never be a proper resolution, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.

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For a very long time. I have been exceptionally critical of merit Garland and the entire department of justice for not yet taking action against Donald Trump. In spite of the massive amount of evidence we have that the guy likely committed criminal activities and even democratic members of Congress members of the January 6th committee have echoed those same sentiments. Wondering why the hell the DOJ is not doing anything well, as it turns out, it may actually be the fault of the January 6th committee. According to her report from the New York times that came out on Wednesday, following Cassidy Hutchinson’s testimony on Tuesday, the DOJ was reportedly blindsided by her testimony. They watched it unfold on TV, just like the rest of us. And they had no idea that she was about to come in and drop that many bombs on that committee. Here’s what the New York times said. The federal prosecutors working on the case, watched the aids appearance before the house committee investigating the January 6th, 2021 riot and were just as astonished by her account of former president. Donald J Trump’s increasingly desperate bid to hold onto power. As other viewers, the panel did not provide them with videos or transcripts of our taped interviews with committee members beforehand, according to several officials, leaving them, feeling blindsided.

The DOJ, according to this report has been asking the committee, give us some videos, give us some transcripts. Please share the evidence. And according to this report, the January 6th committee has said, Hey, we appreciate your offer here, but we would rather wait until we’re finished to turn all of this over to you. We will give it to you. Don’t worry, but we’re just gonna wait till we’re all done. So all of this anger that I have had that a lot of the viewers have had towards the DOJ may be a little misdirected. And again, this is a little bit astonishing. I mean, this report blindsided me because members of that committee have come out and said, why isn’t the DOJ doing anything about this? They’re not able to do anything about it because you’re hoarding all the information you’re holding all of the evidence and you are not sharing it in spite of the fact that the DOJ has actually been asking for it. So to me, I think that’s a rather big deal. And look, I, I, I totally understand. I totally get it that the committee doesn’t want to just give all their information away. They’re still building their case. They’re still working with it,

But you are not a prosecutorial body. The DOJ is the DOJ has the ability, the authority to impanel a grand jury. And maybe if you were sharing that evidence with them, if you were giving them these transcripts and these videos, maybe they would’ve already done that. We obviously cannot say for sure, now I have admired the work of this committee. I have repeatedly said they have exceeded my expectations. They have played it very well, but I will go ahead and say right now that this is a massive miscalculation by the committee that could easily and likely has put that DOJ a year behind where they should be, which means they may not have time to conduct a full and thorough investigation. If they don’t get that material until the committee ends their work. That’s why this is so dire. If that committee holds onto this material until the midterms and then hands it over to the DOJ that gives the DOJ two years.


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