ELYFI Launches US Real Estate Investment Product


SEOUL, South Korea–()–ELYFI, a DeFi protocol that connects real and virtual assets, announced that it has launched a new US real estate investment product.

The product generates returns by lending virtual currency using bonds of US real estate as collateral. It is possible to buy real estate in fragments. It has advantages such as a high rate of return of 12%, zero platform usage fee, small investment possibility, easy US real estate investment method, and recoverable investment through open markets such as Opensea.

This US real estate loan product is the first decentralized tokenization through ELYSIA DAO LLC, established in Wyoming, USA. As it has been proven that the tokenization of real assets can be decentralized through DAO LLC, various real assets are expected to be tokenized.

Regarding the background of the launch of the product, ELYFI pointed out that compared to the traditional financial market, the digital asset market has a much higher rate of return but there is a high risk of investment because of the unclear source of the profits. To solve the problem, ELYFI has created a business structure that has a high rate of return and a clear source of revenue.

With the launch of this US real estate product, ELYFI announced its plan to enter the real estate market in various other countries.


ELYFI is a DeFi project of the ELYSIA team. ELYSIA is a project that tokenizes real assets that exist in the real world. It is a protocol that makes real assets that are difficult to securitize, such as real estate, into asset tokens (NFTs) so that they can be used on the blockchain and, the asset tokens created through ELYSIA can be used in various ways in ELYFI.

Investors in ELYFI can obtain investment returns by providing liquidity to the money pool or investing in fragmented investment products of real assets, and borrowers can obtain loans using asset tokens tokenized as real assets as collateral. ELFI token holders can also participate in governance and staking, contributing to the stability and development of the protocol.

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