Episode 18 Protecting Your Assets


In this episode of Purpose-Driven Wealth, your host Mo Bina talks with Garrett Sutton about the many strategies investors and entrepreneurs can take to protect their assets. To be able to protect your assets, one should know what to protect them from. Here, Garrett explains how inside and outside attacks affect your LLC, the line of defense your LLC can have, what Garrett tackles in his upcoming book, VEIL NOT FAIL, and much more.

In this episode, Garrett talked about:

• Garrett Sutton on being a part of Rich Dad Advisors Group
• Why do you need an LLC?
• Not transferring the title to your LLC is a mistake
• If Delaware is the 1st state for LLCs, Wyoming is the 1st state for blockchain and crypto tech
• What to expect from the book, VEIL NOT FAIL
• and so much more!

To listen to the full episode:



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