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Thor 4 is hitting theaters and while fans are excited to watch it, critics have been harsh with reviews of the film. It’s just not what everyone expects from the Marvel film franchise and many critics and Marvel fans seem disappointed in it.  Scott Greenstone from the Seattle Times shared his review of the film saying,

Thor 4 finds Thor at what seems like an epilogue of a devastatingly tragic story. He’s lost his father, mother, adopted brother, homeland, most of his people and his kingship. Iron Man is dead, Black Widow is dead, Captain America is old, the Hulk is no longer angry, but like the Marvel franchise, Thor never dies.

So it’s yet another villain (Christian Bale), yet another crisis, yet more soupy computer-generated minions with shadowy tentacles and spider legs, yet another barely 3D planet with the cast (badly) green screened in. “Thor 4’s” effects would be embarrassing on TV 10 years ago, and they’re in every shot. 

The pacing is so speedy and sloppy, the movie feels like it was edited by an algorithm. Chris Hemsworth, who played the Norse god of thunder straight-faced for several movies before cracking a smile in “Ragnarok,” has now left behind any semblance of restraint or understanding of comedic timing.”

He went on to add,

Thor 4 is a bad farce of itself. It has no stakes, and no deaths are permanent. It doesn’t even pretend for a moment that anyone — even if they get a lightning bolt through the heart, or everything but their face gets destroyed, or even if they literally die — is actually going to exit this franchise. That would mean no spinoff series. That would mean less content.

And the worst part of it all is that unlike “Batman and Robin” and “Superman IV,” “Love and Thunder” will not be the end. When the words “THOR WILL RETURN” flash across the scene at the end of this installment, it feels like an ancient curse. You’re left to sit and contemplate how long before we stop pouring our cash on the altar of the corporate studio gods.”

Fans are also sharing their reviews with many of them expressing their disappointment.

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