OMAHA – Farm Credit Services of America says farmland values in the first half of 2022 benefited from continued profitability in agriculture, pushing some property to all-time highs.

Farmland in Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wyoming increased after the 2020 harvest and continued with rising grain prices.

Tim Koch, Farm Credit Services of America vice president of business development, said unrest in the Ukraine and dry conditions in portions of South America contributed to higher commodity prices. He said actual profit margins will depend on input costs and expenses linked to supply chain disruptions.

Iowa’s values rose by more than 10 percent with eight benchmark farms exceeding $15,000 an acre.

Nebraska’s four benchmark farms saw no change in values and two declined in value, but 12 farms increased and one increased by 25 percent.

South Dakota had seven benchmark farms with double-digit increases as high as 18.8 percent.

Cropland in Wyoming increased 8.2 percent, with some pasture land increasing 22.4 percent.