Fly Fishing Wyoming's Shoshone River Tributary in August-Trailer for Prime Video [Episode #100]


This trailer shows us fly fishing for trout on a small, less well known tributary of the Shoshone River. We hike in a ways to get to the area we are going to fly fish. This is very spectacular country with incredible rock formations all around and scenic vistas as walk the nice trail into the river. It is a very warm day in the first part of August. Even though it is small, the Rainbows calling it home had some really nice size to them. We get in to the river in late morning and start right away with dry flies. A double dry fly setup with a Chubby and an Adams. We catch and release a small Rainbow first and then a couple of bigger beauties. This trailer highlights a few of the nice fish we caught on this day in Wyoming. I hope you enjoy this trailer.

These are previews of our full shows that air on TV and on Prime Video. This episode is scheduled to be a part of season 20 on Prime Video and should be available in October of 2021.

In the full episode on Prime and TV we show catching more fish using dry flies. We hike to several different holes moving down the river to our vehicle. An excellent summer day walking and wading a beautiful area of Wyoming

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