Gene-edited dogs created from cloned skin cells for the first time


New gene-editing approach could be used to eliminate disease-causing mutations from pedigree dog breeds or even from clones of individual dogs


22 July 2022

Two beagle puppies

Gene-edited beagle puppies

Okjae Koo/ToolGen

Two beagle dogs have been born in South Korea from cloned skin cells altered by CRISPR gene editing. CRISPR-edited dogs have previously been created by altering fertilised eggs, but this is the first time they have been created by cloning.

Many pure-bred pedigree dogs have disease-causing mutations. Gene editing could be used to eliminate these without affecting other traits. So, for this purpose, the cloning approach has advantages over the editing-eggs approach, says Okjae Koo at biotech company ToolGen.”[It] is more reliable for generating various pure-bred …

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