Girls Gone Wide – Offwidth Climbing in Vedauwoo Wyoming


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In this short film, Mary Eden (@TradPrincess), and Kaya Lindsay (@OneChickTravels) adopt Sam Rose (@SamRoseMac), an enthusiastic but inexperienced offwidth climber, and take her out to Vedauwoo Wyoming to test their combined skills against some of the most grueling and physically demanding offwidths in the country. In this fun and lighthearted film, Mary, Kaya, and Sam are joined by a host of female offwidth climbers including Mary’s long-term climbing partner, Mercadi Carlson (@mersendyclimberson). This film is a celebration of the feminine aspects of climbing that often get left behind in traditional storytelling. In Girls Gone Wide, you will laugh, cry, and paint your nails black along with the colorful cast of characters climbing at their limit in rural Vedauwoo Wyoming.


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