Google and Bing search results differ by up to 75 per cent


An analysis of search results in the US and Germany found that the top 10 results from Google and other search engines differ widely


22 July 2022

A phone screen showing Bing and Google Chrome apps

The research compared search results from Bing and Google

Andrew Matthews/PA Wire/Alamy

The top 10 search results shown by Google and Bing for the same queries differ by as much as 75 per cent, according to an analysis of search engines in the US and Germany.

Nurce Yagci and colleagues at HAW Hamburg in Germany compared the top results from four major search engines – Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and Metager – to see what sources they pulled from, and how much their results overlapped.

The researchers put 3537 queries that were popular on Google Trends in …

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