Has Aaron Rodgers Killed Off The Dynasty In Green Bay?


Quarterback Aaron Rodgers #12 of the Green Bay Packers warms up prior to the NFC Divisional Playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field on January 22, 2022 in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
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Over the past decade, the Green Bay Packers have won more games than they’ve lost.

The Packers have only had three losing seasons since Aaron Rodgers became quarterback.

They’ve also gone on and won one Super Bowl during that same time period.

But even with that Super Bowl win during the 2010-11 NFL season, the dynasty has shown some issues.

Some NFL teams are making regular Super Bowl appearances, while the Packers haven’t done that with their dynasty.

The issues of Green Bay not repeating could come from Rodgers himself.

However, his defenders will continue to say it’s not his fault the dynasty in Green Bay has failed to go back to another Super Bowl.

So who is to blame for the failure of the Green Bay Packers dynasty?


Former Coach And Teammates Of Rodgers Paint A Story Of How He’s Killing The Dynasty

When things are going well, nobody points a finger at anyone.

People only blame someone when the wheels fall off.

This has happened with Rodgers in the past with his former teammates and coach.

One Green Bay Packers coach dared to call out Rodgers, and demand that he be held to a Lombardi standard.

He was then fired for making such a brash remark that was mainly directed at the star quarterback.

However, that coach isn’t the only former Packer to paint a picture of how Rodgers is killing the dynasty there.

Greg Jennings paints a picture of how Rodgers is a very selfish guy, something that will destroy the Packers dynasty.

That greed is keeping money out of the pockets of guys Green Bay needs to help them make the playoffs.

The deal that Rodgers got in 2022 was something that didn’t help the team keep some of their best players.

However, something worse could be brewing for Green Bay if this season doesn’t go well.


Rodgers New Contract Could Break Packers If He Leaves

Breaking down the contract deal that the MVP quarterback now has can show how the Packers could be in trouble.

The first issue is the nearly $100 million in dead cap the team would have with a Rodgers release in 2023.

While we know that will never happen, a trade also hits them with dead cap space for 2023.

However, that amount would only be $40.3 million.

But it’s enough to put the Packers in a dangerous position if he demands a trade.

Asking for a trade could happen, as Rodgers has been a subject of trade rumors back in 2021.

With a team that’s gutted because of his large contract deal, it’s hard to keep star players in Green Bay.

So yes, he’s destroying the dynasty in Green Bay.

However, he would crater the team if he were to refuse to play in 2023, unless they trade him.

A move like that would not only hurt the future of the franchise, but it would also leave the team with an enormous bill to pay.

The Green Bay dynasty can’t afford a move like that, making Rodgers the player that’s killing off their dynasty.

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