Have The Browns Tanked Their Future With The Deshaun Watson Trade?


Deshaun Watson #4 of the Cleveland Browns throws a pass during the Cleveland Browns mandatory minicamp at CrossCountry Mortgage Campus on June 14, 2022 in Berea, Ohio.
(Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)


The Cleveland Browns are nervously awaiting the NFL’s decision on Deshaun Watson.

As each day goes by, the fanbase loses faith in ownership.

However, when the trade for Watson was first made, ownership thought he could become the future of the team.

But nearly four months later, the trade has proven to be a disaster for the franchise.

Not only is their 2022 season in limbo, but the future of the Browns franchise also hangs in the balance.

However, many fans question if Jimmy Haslam has tanked the future of Cleveland with this one trade.


The High Price Cleveland Is Paying For Getting Watson

This trade deal has cost Cleveland in more ways than draft picks and money.

The image of the franchise has suffered since the former Houston Texans QB came to Cleveland.

It’s so bad that even one NFL player feels Watson will wear a different type of orange.

However, what makes things horrible for Cleveland is the claim the team did their due diligence before making the trade.

After the trade, even more cases came up with Watson.

However, it was also seen that Cleveland didn’t do what they said they did with Watson.

So the Browns, in fact, didn’t do their due diligence investigating him, ignoring the red flags around him.

While he isn’t facing criminal charges, he has civil cases against him.

In some of those cases, he’s already settled with the victims.

That has led many to believe he’s guilty of everything these victims have accused him of.

This now further hurts the Browns’ image, as 20 of his cases saw him making a settlement.


The Future Of Cleveland Is In Question Now

Outside the public relations disaster that the Watson trade has brought Cleveland, it also took away their future draft picks.

Houston got three first-round picks, two fourth-round picks, and a third-round pick all to give Cleveland one colossal headache, and a 2024 sixth-round pick.

Had the Browns held off on him, they could have got a quarterback to replace Baker Mayfield in 2023.

However, they no longer have that shot.

The Browns gave up six young players of their future for their current quarterback and whoever they get in 2024.

Instead of building the franchise with what they have, they made the choice to build on someone that has proven to be more trouble than Mayfield.

While Mayfield was immature, Watson clearly breaks that glass ceiling.

But Haslam felt this was the best move for the team.

However, each new victim and every new story will continue to prove him wrong with the trade.

It will be difficult for the Browns to recover from this nightmare.

Even if Watson gets to play, his past will forever foreshadow the team.

If he plays, and doesn’t prove to be a help to Cleveland, then the future is truly lost for the Browns.

They gave up too much for a player with too much baggage.

Trading for Jimmy Garoppolo or trying to work with Mayfield would have proven to be a better move for Cleveland.

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