Heavy fighting between Russia & Ukraine in Kherson with Moscow’s supplies at risk


In the latest development linked to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, it has come to the fore that massive fighting between Russian troops and Ukrainian forces is going on in the Kherson Oblast region. According to the intelligence update by the UK’s MoD, Russian forces are using artillery in an attempt to slow Ukraine’s counter-offensive in Kherson.

UK claims heavy fighting between Russia & Ukraine in Kherson, Moscow’s supplies at risk as well

“In the last 24 hours, heavy fighting has been taking place as Ukrainian forces have continued their offensive against Russian forces in Kherson Oblast, west of the River Dnipro. Russia is likely attempting to slow the Ukrainian attack using artillery fire along the natural barrier of the Ingulets River, a tributary of the Dnipro,” read the statement released by UK Defence Ministry.

It further read, “Simultaneously, the supply lines of the Russian forces west of the Dnipro are increasingly at risk. Additional Ukrainian strikes have caused further damage to the key Antonivsky Bridge, though Russia has conducted temporary repairs. As of July 22, it was almost certainly open to some traffic.”

Notably, Russian forces is trying to build an alternative, military pontoon bridge across the Dnipro, claimed the UK MoD. “It has been possible to verify claims by Ukrainian officials that Russia is preparing to construct an alternative, military pontoon bridge across the Dnipro. The Russian army prioritises maintaining its military bridging capabilities, but any attempt to construct a crossing of the Dnipro would be a very high-risk operation. If the Dnipro crossing were denied and Russian forces in Kherson were cut off, it would be a significant military and political setback for Russia,” read the intelligence update.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s military has claimed that Russian forces have attacked Odessa port. The Kyiv Independent reported that Ukrainian forces managed to shot down two missiles while the other two hit the port’s facilities. This development comes as Russia and Ukraine signed agreements to resume exports of Ukrainian grain through the Black Sea. The deal promised safe passage of Ukrainian grain from three southwestern ports in Odesa Oblast, including the one in Odessa. 

Russia Ukraine war: Over 39000 Russian soldiers killed since Feb 24, says Kyiv

In its latest update, Ukrainian Armed Forces on Saturday revealed that they have managed to kill a total of 39,240 Russian soldiers since the beginning of the war. In addition to this, a total of 221 planes, 1708 tanks, 188 helicopters, 3929 APV, 15 boats/cutters, 846 artillery systems, and 714 UAVs among other war equipment were destroyed by the Ukrainian troops, Kyiv claimed.

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