How to find Wyoming Registered Agent || Step by Step Guide


You will learn about Hiring of Wyoming Registered Agent.

What is Registered Agent?
A registered agent is someone whom you designate to receive official papers for your business. These include court papers if your business is sued (what lawyers call “service of process”), business registration renewal notices from the Secretary of State, and tax notices.

When you form a Wyoming LLC or form a Wyoming Corporation, the law requires you to have a Wyoming registered agent to accept important mail and legal documents on behalf of your company at a Wyoming registered office physically located in the State of Wyoming. Your Wyoming registered office cannot be a PO Box or Wyoming Virtual Office. And frankly speaking, shouldn’t be a residential home either. But meeting this bureaucratic hurdle doesn’t need to suck up a lot of your time, be a burden to you, or cost you a ton of money. We view this as an opportunity to make your life easier and better instead of a waste of money. Hiring a great Wyoming resident agent can save you time and money vs hiring non-responsive and/or expensive Wyoming registered agents.

Wyoming Registered Agent Services LLC offers the fastest, most efficient and cheapest Wyoming registered agent service in our industry.

Our Fee: $25 Per Year TOTAL (no gotchas)
How Long It Takes to Sign Up: 5 Minutes
Registered Agent Consent Form: Free 2 Day Shipping
Domestic LLCs Formed Instantly Online (no consent form)

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