How To Wrap A Golf Club For Christmas (7 Ways)


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If you purchase a golf club for someone in your family as a Christmas gift, chances are it’s going to be a big hit.

A golf club is a great gift because most golfers dream about one day owning the best golf clubs out there.

They want more golf clubs than they can afford or even need because they hold onto the hope that the next golf club they get will change their game and make them a better player.

However, one of the issues that many generous gift-givers encounter is how to wrap the golf club for Christmas.

It is really hard to wrap certain products, and a golf club is one of them.

If you’re also gifting a golf bag, that can make things easier to wrap, but when you gift something like a driver, it’s a bit more involved.

Here are some great ways to wrap a golf club for Christmas and ensure that your gift is a bit hit.


How To Wrap A Golf Club For Christmas (7 Ways)


1. Cardboard Cylinder

Cardboard tubes on stack, close up


Many packaging stores offer unique wrapping products that can help you wrap a golf club.

One of those products is a cardboard cylinder.

The cardboard cylinder is typically wide enough to fit most golf clubs, except it can be tough to get a driver to fit in.

One of the great things about a cylinder is that it is typically quite durable, and it will keep the golf club from getting damaged in the hustle and bustle of Christmas morning.

One of the downsides to a cardboard cylinder is that they are not always cheap if you need to buy a larger size.

This means you will have to invest even more money into this gift that likely was already expensive.

The cardboard cylinder comes in several different lengths, so you will have to find something long enough to accommodate your golf club.

If you are not a golfer, it can be helpful to know that golf clubs come in various lengths.

The driver is the longest club in the bag, and the wedges and putter will be the shortest.

Since golf clubs can be all different lengths, you will need to ensure that the cylinder will fit the club you’re wrapping.

If you want to get creative, you can connect multiple cylinders which creates an even better solution for wrapping a golf club.


2. Original Golf Club Box

A shiny metal golf clubs for sale show in shop rack.


If you purchased a golf club from an online retailer, chances are it came in a box.

In this case, you can simply wrap the box.

This is a very easy process and will make it much quicker and more manageable to gift a golf club to someone.

However, if you purchase a golf club off the shelf in a store, the golf club box may not come with it.

This is a great time to talk to the people who work in the golf shop and see if they have any extra boxes around.

If you’re lucky, the employees will be looking to get rid of the boxes, and they will be glad to give them to you.

The golf club boxes come in by the dozens when these stores first purchase their inventory, and they typically have no issues with giving them to customers.

The original golf club box can simply be taped back together and wrapped quite easily with a roll of wrapping paper.

This is our favorite option for wrapping a golf club because it makes things so much simpler than having to accommodate the unique shape of the club.


3. Wrapping Paper Tubes

Wrapping paper


Some people have found that a cheaper alternative to purchasing a cylinder to put your golf club in is to use a wrapping paper tube.

Wrapping paper tubes can go over the golf club, and they will sometimes fit all the way down the shaft of the club to the club head.

Once you have the wrapping paper tube on the shaft, you can then find a creative way to wrap the club head.

This is a bit easier than having to wrap paper around the shaft of the golf club, and you will likely have this extra wrapping paper tube anyway once you use the paper to wrap the club and your other holiday gifts.

Those who are creative can take another small box and attach it to the cardboard tube, creating a unique wrapping style that may not even look like a golf club.

If you do this, you may be able to trick the person you have purchased this gift for into thinking that you have purchased something else.

The only bit of advice we will give you here is that if you are planning to wrap the club head and the shaft separately, make sure that the person opening is aware so they don’t try to pull the two parts of the club apart when they open it.

Of course, the golf club can withstand a bit of pressure, but the last thing you want is your recipient to accidentally damage the club when they are opening it.


4. Wrapping Paper Or Newspaper

Newspaper headlines shown side on in a stack of daily newspapers


So far, all of the solutions we have given for wrapping a golf club involve using some sort of product you might have to purchase.

However, for some people who are wrapping at the last minute, it may be easier to just wrap the club with wrapping paper.

Instead of worrying about a box or packaging, simply use wrapping paper or newspaper to wrap the club.

This is much easier than other options because it won’t take more than a few minutes, but we can’t tell you that it will look the best.

This will not be the best-looking finished product unless you are good at wrapping.

The paper tends to get a bit crumpled up, and therefore it makes it difficult to get the club looking good.

If you are patient with this process, it can end up looking acceptable, especially to someone who is very laid back and who doesn’t care about wrapping.

Let’s face it—anyone who wants to complain about getting a new golf club as a gift should probably reconsider what they are complaining about.

If you don’t want to purchase a roll of wrapping paper for this project, you can also use newspaper and get similar results.


5. A Big Bow

Shiny red satin ribbon on white background


For those who don’t want to deal with wrapping at all, there is always the option to put a big bow on the gift you are giving.

Giving someone a golf club with a large bow on it will not take anything away from this generous gift.

In fact, if you are really getting hung up on the wrapping process and need to do something different or unique, a bow is a great solution.

Most golfers will not care at all about how a product is wrapped; they simply want to see what you’ve gotten them.

Tie the bow around the club head and it may even hide what type of club it is until the person has it in their hands.

These big bows can be made by hand and can also be purchased already formed.

Either way you look at it, putting a big bow on the golf club will certainly help it stand out and look more complete than having no wrapping at all.


6. Wrap The Headcover In A Box

female hands holding a small cardboard box on a white background. packaging and delivery concept, top view


If you don’t want to wrap the entire club, there is another fun way you can wrap a hybrid, fairway wood, or driver that comes with a headcover.

If the club comes with a headcover, you can wrap this in a separate small box.

Have the person open the box thinking that they are just getting a headcover.

When they take the headcover out of the box, you can grab the club that you have for them, and you won’t have to wrap it.

This can save a few steps and make it much easier to get this wrapping project handled.

This is a great way to throw someone off and make gift-giving even more fun.

Nobody gets a small box and thinks they are getting a new golf club.

Instead, they will see this small box and think that you have forgotten their greatest holiday wish.

For those who don’t like gift wrapping or coming up with unique solutions to create a properly wrapped golf club, the headcover wrapping option is a great choice.


7. Lollipop Look

Closeup old golf bags on green. Set of golf clubs over green field background.


The lollipop look is something that can be done by wrapping the shaft of the club with a wrapping paper tube or cardboard cylinder and then wrapping the top of the club differently.

The top of the club can be decorated with bows and ribbons or with another small box attached.

When you wrap this way, the golf club shaft will look like a stick on a lollipop, and the club head will look like the actual candy part of the lollipop.

The lollipop style is more of a whimsical look, and you will find that it looks great under the Christmas tree.

If you happen to put gifts out before the holiday season, this wrapping style will look nice and let your friends and family know that they will have something unique and special to open.


Is A Golf Club A Good Christmas Gift?

thinking golf player


Now that you know how to wrap a golf club, you may want to make sure that this is a Christmas gift you should be purchasing.

For starters, a golf club is a great gift for the golfer in your life because golfers love getting new equipment.

New equipment gives them the chance to play better and to have more fun on the course.

The possibilities with new equipment are endless.

However, there is something to be very careful of when purchasing golf clubs as a gift.

You must ensure that the clubs are going to be a good fit for the player.

Custom-fit golf clubs have become extremely popular.

Players are no longer choosing clubs off the shelf and just assuming they are good enough.

They are carefully analyzing the equipment and having the shaft, grips, and even the length altered.

When you purchase a club for a person, there is always a chance it won’t be the right fit.

This is really disappointing, and although you can sometimes have the club fitted to the proper specifications after the fact, it is not ideal and it can even cost a lot more money.

If you are not sure what a person wants as far as a golf club is concerned, it may make sense to get them a gift certificate to purchase a club at their favorite golf store or simply a gift card for an online retailer.

Golf clubs are expensive, and they are not always easy to return.

If a club shows no signs of wear and tear and the packaging has not been removed, you will typically be able to return it, but this is not always the case.

Check the return policy before you purchase anything.


Is It Worth Wrapping A Golf Club?

Golf Clubs


After learning about all the ways to wrap a golf club, you may still be wondering if it is worth it to wrap a golf club.

Most of the time, this process is going to be a little unique and difficult, but it will be worth it.

If you went through the trouble of finding the right club and paying for it, you might as well wrap it to complete the surprise.

Wrapping a golf club could take some extra effort and materials, so don’t save this project for Christmas Eve.

Make sure that you have the supplies you need to be able to get this project done in time.

If you are wrapping an entire set of golf clubs, you probably want to ensure you have a box to complete this.

It could take a lot of time, effort, and wrapping paper to get this done without the box.



We hope you now understand what goes into wrapping a golf club and have decided if this is a project you are willing to take on.

If you purchase the golf club from a local shop, you may want to consider asking them if there is an option for wrapping.

Even if this is an extra service that costs a few dollars, it is likely very well worth it.

By the time you purchase the extra supplies, you will end up spending more trying to complete this project on your own.

In addition, if you order the club from an online retailer, be sure to save the box as you will likely need it to complete this project.

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