Huge Freight Trains In Wyoming! 2 Mile Long Trains & Big Boy! Rare Look Inside UP Freight Yard


8 Locomotives on huge freight train! Heavy freight trains in Evanston, Wyoming. Busy railroad yard with tons of long trains and Big Boy sitting on a siding watching. Evanston Wyoming trains in 2019 filmed on May 22 right after Big Boy steam locomotive arrived for a public display. This area is normally off limits to the public so filming trains from the railroad yard was a rare opportunity. The train with the DPU in the middle was incredibly long. Union Pacific owns the yard and opened it to the public while the Big Boy steam locomotive was on display and being serviced. I chased Big Boy from Evanston to Ogden , Utah and return so check out my steam train videos of the chase in my steam train playlist or check out one of the videos below. 160.515. Thanks for watching! Please comment, rate and SUBSCRIBE TO JAWTOOTH!!

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Big Boy Maintenance!

12 Track Railroad Crossing!!

Hornets Attacked For Teasing Them! Stung 6 Times!


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