Is Hot Air Ballooning On Your Jackson Hole, Wyoming Travel List? This is Why It Should Be.


Hot Air Ballooning in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. As we continue our adventures of Jackson Hole Wyoming it is time to jump into the basket of a hot air balloon with our guide Andrew from Wyoming Balloon Company. The balloon we ride in can hold 14 people, believe it or not. It is a cutting edge high technology hot air balloon that I’ll never forget. We flew above the pastures of the meadow that we took off from. We flew over the road with trucks going by underneath us honking and waving. I thought this was kind of boring and about a minute after that thought, I heard the blast of the gas jets as the propane cylinders provided fuel and the flames shot up into the balloon envelope. And then we were soaring at high altitudes right next to the majestic Teton Mountains. The views that we saw with no sounds except for the wind were amazing.
I looked straight up into the balloon and I could see the parachute vent and made me question how does the hot air balloon work? But it did not take long for Andrew to explain the mechanics of the propane and hot air features and he described burner assembly and how these high tech hot air balloons are much safer than they’re ever been. What I found most interesting was that at different altitudes the wind blows at different directions. If you want to move north, move up and down in air columns to raise or lower the balloon until you find wind blowing to the north. If you wish to go south, in theory you can move again up or down to find the right wind direction.
We finished up with some traditional champagne on the ground and he told us the tradition of champagne goes back hundreds of years. Because only wealthy people had hot air balloons in the past. And they would land their balloon on some farmer’s field of corn and to somewhat satisfy the farmer’s happiness, the ballooner would offer him some champagne. And that did tend to make friends of a new stranger that you happened upon. If you’re afraid of high heights, you oughta ride along with us on YouTube. Just Get Out There.

Location: Jackson Hole, WY

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