Josh Allen Has 1 Task To Complete To Become A Superstar


Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills walks off the field after being defeated by the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Playoff game at Arrowhead Stadium on January 23, 2022 in Kansas City, Missouri.
(Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images)


Some players in the NFL have many things to do before becoming a superstar for themselves and their team.

However, for the Buffalo Bills and their quarterback, Josh Allen, there’s only one thing he needs to do.

The 26-year-old quarterback has already done a lot in his short time with the Bills.

After his 2018 rookie season saw him start 11 games, he took off the following year as the permanent starting QB.

Since being that starting QB, he’s led the team to the playoffs three years in a row.

He’s also won the AFC East the past two seasons.

So with him doing so much in his previous four seasons of play, what is that one thing he still needs to do with the Bills?


Superstar Status Will Only Come To Allen When He Defeats The Chiefs

Over the last two seasons, Allen has lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs, derailing his chances of sending the Bills to a Super Bowl.

However, if he can beat them in the playoffs, it would make him an instant superstar.

With the Chiefs still seen as Super Bowl favorites, despite them losing Tyreek Hill, they are the mountain Allen needs to climb.

It could be easier this year, as he has more weapons around him for 2022.

But even with those additional weapons, it could still be tough for him.


AFC Teams Spent 2022 Building Up Their Teams To Reach The Super Bowl

The Bills weren’t the only team in the AFC upgrading for a Super Bowl run.

The Raiders, Broncos, Dolphins, and Chargers all made their moves in 2022 to improve their teams.

So if Allen and the Bills want to face the Chiefs again in the playoffs, he’ll have stiff competition to face to get there.

However, those teams won’t make it easy for them to just walk right through the NFL playoffs.

But that doesn’t mean Allen isn’t up for the challenge.

His hunger to be the best will help him overcome the odds against him in 2022.

So while getting to the Chiefs and beating them in the playoffs will make him a superstar, there’s something else he can do to make him a legend instantly in Buffalo.


Winning A Super Bowl Would Make Allen A Legend Instantly

The Bills have one quarterback in their franchise history that was known for getting to the Super Bowl.

Jim Kelly was a legend in Buffalo as a great quarterback that sent his team for four consecutive Super Bowls.

However, he won none of those Super Bowls that the Bills made it to.

But if Allen could not only get to the Super Bowl but also win it, he’d be an instant legend.

It would give the Bills their first Super Bowl title with a win under his leadership.

So with this superstar filled team in 2022, Allen can become both a superstar and a legend this season.

He has all the surrounding tools to make that push to become both a superstar and a legend.

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