Kurt Vile Backs Pennsylvania Senate Candidate John Fetterman With Campaign Email


Hi [Recipient]!

It’s Kurt Vile. You might know me as Philadelphia’s Constant Hitmaker, I am a PROUD Philadelphia native. Heck, Mayor Nutter declared August 28 ‘Kurt Vile Day’ in Philadelphia.

I’m on tour of the U.S. now with my band the Violators, so I’ll keep this quick.

I’m reaching out today about my guy, John Fetterman. The truth is that Fetterman has been fighting for Pennsylvania probably longer than I’ve been messing around with a guitar.

My wife and I have two young daughters we’re raising right here in PA. We want the best for our kids, and I know Fettterman will fight for a better future for my family.

The Fetterman campaign is also the only candidate in PA running for a U.S. Senate seat supporting marijuana legalization.

Will you stand with me, Kurt Vile, by making a donation of $5 to John Fetterman’s campaign today? Sending John even just a little support today would be huge.


Kurt Vile 🎸

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