Lady Bird Johnson Home Movie #36, HM36: 1965 in Wyoming, Lake LBJ and New York (1280×720)


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Lady Bird Johnson Home Movies, Home Movie #36: 1965 in Wyoming, Lake LBJ and New York. Footage of LBJ, Lady Bird, and others on vacation in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, boating on Lake LBJ and at the signing of the Immigration Bill. This is a silent, color film. Following is a scene by scene description, courtesy of the Audio Visual Archives at the LBJ Library.
The film opens with Mrs. Johnson visiting Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The scenes take place September 7 10, 1965. Laurance Rockefeller, Mary Rockefeller (his wife), and Sharon Percy stand with Elk’s Lake and Grand Teton in background. Lady Bird looks at wildflowers with Laurance and Mary Rockefeller. Laurance and Mary Rockefeller sit on a rock. We see a view of the top of Grand Teton with clouds and then Liz Carpenter and Mary Rockefeller on the roadside. Possibly Pat Nugent? drinks water from river. Two men in row boat feed fish in the river. Mrs. Johnson sits next to some yellow wild flowers and then we see a panoramic view of the mountain tops. Lady Bird stands on a bridge near a cabin and lake. Lynda Bird and Sharon Percy pose. Larry Rockefeller stands with an unidentified man and woman. Lynda talks to the above people. Laurance and Mary Rockefeller, Sharon Percy, and Jerry Reese (a friend of Larry) pose. Lady Bird and various people eat lunch on a porch overlooking Elk’s Lake. An unidentified man chases a bird near the roadside. Lady Bird sits on a rock with the Teton Range in the background.
***tape splice***
The next scenes are of LBJ, Lady Bird Johnson, and others boating on Lake LBJ. Elspeth Rostow and two unidentified men talk on the boat. Liz Carpenter, an unidentified woman, Joe Califano, Clark Clifford are seen on the boat. LBJ (wearing plaid shirt and bathing suit) lays on his stomach talking to Clark Clifford and another man. We see a view of the shore on Lake LBJ. LBJ lays on the boat talking to others. Lady Bird talks to an unidentified men. LBJ and Lady Bird lie on the boat deck talking to a third party. Elspeth Rostow sits on the boat. We see a fishing boat on the lake. Walt Rostow and an unidentified man sit on the boat. Walt Rostow, an unidentified man, and Lady Bird talk. An unidentified man and woman sit on the boat, and then three more unidentified women sit on the boat.
***film splice***
Some unidentified interior scenes play.
Next are scenes of LBJ, Lady Bird and others at the signing of the Immigration Bill at Liberty Island, New York, on October 3, 1965. We see a back view of the Statue of Liberty. Lady Bird, Luci, Pat Nugent, Ambassador Goldberg, and others listen to the ceremony and LBJ. LBJ speaks at the podium. A view of the family and crowd listen to LBJ. LBJ speaks at a podium. We see another view of the Statue of Liberty, and then a view of New York City from a boat. The Johnson family listens to the ceremony and then we see another view of New York City from a boat. LBJ sits at the signing table with Lady Bird Johnson, Hubert H. Humphrey, Muriel Humphrey, Ted Kennedy, and others behind him.
***end of film***


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