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Editor’s Note: This article is meant to introduce Brian Kapp’s Marketplace service, stoxdox.

Thank you for following my work, I genuinely appreciate it. For those that are new, I would like to extend a warm welcome. I am excited to announce that the stoxdox membership service is launching on the Seeking Alpha Marketplace.

The stoxdox Platform

Welcome to stoxdox where we curate the most asymmetric, relevant, and timely risk/reward opportunities of our times. The stoxdox platform is designed to empower all investors by providing the highest quality, unbiased, professional analysis delivered in an actionable format. We cover the entire spectrum of stocks from current income through extraordinary growth companies, curating top opportunities for all market cycles.

You have the power. Our mission is to empower you. Only you have the power to set and achieve your goals, only you know your situation and risk tolerance. Our research is designed to empower you because information is power, stoxdox filters the noise.

Sign up before Sept. 20 for a full year to receive a stoxdox Founder Membership during our introductory period, thereby locking in your discounted membership rate for life at $399 per year.

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Member Benefits

As a stoxdox member, you have full access to our research library. Our membership services, listed below, are designed to be actionable for all investors. An overview of each service follows with links to more detailed descriptions where applicable.

  • stoxdox – Primary Research Reports
  • snapdox – Summary Research Reports
  • dox it! – Tool & Service
  • stoxdox – Portfolio Tool
  • Social – dox it! Chat Room & stoxdox Chat Room
  • Market Update Reports
  • Education Materials

stoxdox – Primary Research Reports

These are the primary research reports which anchor our service. The reports feature a comprehensive fundamental analysis, a broad technical overview, and a potential return spectrum with associated price targets when appropriate. A key feature of our primary research is the risk/reward rating which can be either positive, negative, or neutral.

Our primary research reports are constructed as an intermediate-term foundation and are designed to be an extended framework for approaching each investment opportunity through time, thereby serving as a decision-support tool. On average, we introduce at least one new company per week. We call each of our primary research reports a “dox,” hence our slogan: You’ve got to dox your stocks!

The following links explore three of our primary research reports in greater detail and review their integration with the stoxdox – Portfolio Tool. We cover various investor objectives and use case applications in each while discussing ways to search for opportunities in the stoxdox – Portfolio Tool.

snapdox – Summary Research Reports

These are updates to our primary research reports and are designed to provide timely and actionable information on our research universe. The term snapdox is designed to convey the brief and timely nature of the information updates. These are used to communicate things such as ratings changes, material company updates, earnings updates, material news items, trade ideas, and so forth.

The snapdox offers an efficient means with which to maintain information continuity through time and between primary research reports for each company. They are also used to introduce companies to our research pipeline, thus populating a watchlist for a potential “dox” (full research report). This watchlist is included in the “dox it!” watchlist which is the next feature.

dox it!

The “dox it!” service enables our members to submit stock ideas to us to be added to the dox it! watchlist. These are stocks that our members would like us to research or “dox’’ to use our terminology. We will actively use the service by frequently adding new ideas to the watchlist and tracking it for timely primary research ideas to dox. The following is a snapshot of the dox it! tool available to our members.

stoxdox - Portfolio Tool


We condense the dox it! submissions into a near real-time database thereby serving as an idea generation tool. The dox it! tool empowers an actionable community-generated watchlist and enables members to track opportunities in near real time. The following link provides a more detailed overview of the dox it! service and tool: dox it!.

stoxdox – Portfolio Tool

The stoxdox – Portfolio Tool is designed to empower you by providing a continuous stream of actionable information across our entire research universe. In essence, we condense the primary research and snapdox reports into a near real-time database thereby serving as a portfolio and decision-support tool for our members.

The following image is a snapshot of what you will see when searching within the stoxdox – Portfolio Tool; it is invaluable for maximizing your stoxdox experience. You may access a more detailed overview of the tool by clicking on the following link: stoxdox – Portfolio Tool.

stoxdox - Portfolio Tool Search Box


Social – dox it! And stoxdox Chat Rooms

The “dox it!” chat room serves as a community forum to discuss the stock ideas on the watchlist. Our “stoxdox” chat room is designed for all other topics. We intend for it to become a vibrant “town square” for our community. Members may also utilize the comment section of each report.

Market Update Reports

These reports are similar in scope to our primary company research reports and are constructed to provide a macro view of the markets. They are designed to convey the primary trends. On average, the frequency of market update reports is monthly. Though, the timing will vary greatly depending on the stage of the market cycle.

We view this as an important feature as primary market trends exert a powerful force on individual stocks. The market update reports may take the form of industry updates and research universe updates. For example, an overview of best and worst performing stocks with associated ratings updates.

Educational Material

We provide “how to” media describing the use cases for our information and how to navigate and utilize the information and tools available on stoxdox. Member feedback is welcome.

About Us: Why stoxdox?

Brian Kapp, CFA

I am the co-founder and CEO of stoxdox, Inc., a universal platform for professional quality stock and investment research. I started in the investment industry in 1996 and spent the first half of my career as a portfolio manager at Merrill Lynch then UBS Financial Services. Later, I founded and served as the portfolio manager at both Kapp/Scanlon Financial Group and Oasis Capital. ​

Being an analyst and an experienced portfolio manager with 26 years of experience and wisdom across the global markets is a key differentiator. The analyst side enables the creation of the highest quality, comprehensive, unbiased, and professional analysis. The portfolio manager enables the design and delivery of the information in an actionable format for the broad universe of investors.

I am CFA charterholder and earned a BS in Industrial Management and a BS in Economics at Carnegie Mellon University. My experience combined with a strong foundation in strategic management and economics offers a uniquely full-spectrum, full-cycle, and global perspective.

Emma Kapp, MBA

Emma is the co-founder and COO of stoxdox, Inc. She has held management and leadership positions in publishing and finance throughout her career. Emma serves in a management and editorial capacity, ensuring that the highest quality products and services are delivered. As chief operating officer, Emma oversees and manages all aspects of the stoxdox Marketplace.

She began her career at Technology Publishing Company in Pittsburgh. There she served as publisher for a national print publication in addition to holding various leadership positions. Emma was involved in the founding, operation, and exit of two investment companies, Oasis Capital and Kapp/Scanlon Financial Group. She earned a BA in French at the University of Pittsburgh, and an MBA with a focus on international business at Point Park University in Pittsburgh.

stoxdox Founder Membership

Our intent is to materially grow the stoxdox platform. We have designed our full suite of services to offer you an incredible value proposition today, with unlimited information upside into the future.

Sign up for a full year now and receive a Founder Membership thereby locking in your discounted membership rate for life at $399 per year.

You have the power.

Research universe as of July 2022

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You’ve got to dox your stocks!

If you’re reading this via Seeking Alpha’s mobile app, to try this service right now go to and enter stoxdox in the site search to visit my Marketplace Service checkout page.

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