Libra Weekly Horoscope


WEEK OF August 29 – September 4, 2022

If you were planning to hyperfocus on detailed work, better rejig that plan, Libra. A distracting mashup (a 60-degree sextile) of excitable Mars and exploratory Jupiter this Thursday, September 1, won’t just give you a case of shiny object syndrome. With just the slightest whiff of promise, you’ll eagerly chase after whatever—or whoever—catches your eye. This is an opportunity to look at the big picture of a situation that’s been keeping you awake at night. And with Jupiter backing up through Aries, you could finally spot the deeper potential of partnership, particularly if joining forces allows you plenty of free rein. Meanwhile, Mars in your worldly ninth house is encouraging you to cast wider nets in every search. The FOMO is real, Libra, but to avoid wild goose chases, take a moment to assess the “prize” before you race off in hot pursuit.

You’re nobody’s side piece, Libra, but if someone is treating you like less than the VIP that you are, they could get an earful. With Mercury in your sign, you’re feeling confidently outspoken, and this Friday, the messenger planet goes head-to-head with take-no-prisoners Jupiter in your partnership zone. We teach people how to treat us, Libra, so if you’ve been a little too accommodating in a certain relationship, you may have inadvertently signaled that you’ll be “fine with whatever.” But it’s time to set the record straight. Then there are people who, no matter how many times you lay out your requirements, will selfishly ignore them. So why do you keep inviting them into your life? If you feel like a broken record when you’re talking about your needs, it may be time to save your breath and start looking elsewhere.  

Saturday brings yet another prompt to express yourself. Whether you’ve got a message to spread or a grievance to air, an activating quarter moon in outspoken Sagittarius and your third house of communication may loosen your lips. There’s no value in keeping something this important to yourself, Libra. Your tactful sign can sometimes go to the opposite extreme and say nothing out of fear of offending someone. But you have no idea what their reaction will actually be, and it might pleasantly surprise you. No need to go “no holds barred” on them. Being you, you’ll want to ease into a heavier discussion, which is fine as long as you eventually get to your point! Establish a rule that one person talks at a time with no interrupting. If you don’t naturally use the “mirroring” technique, try repeating back what the other person says to confirm that you heard them correctly. Simple, yet so validating!


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