Marcel Kornfeld at Saturday U: Early Paleo-Indian Lifeways in the High Rockies


Marcel Kornfeld, Professor of Archaeology at University of Wyoming, delivered “Early Paleo-Indian Lifeways in the High Rockies” to an audience of lifelong learners at Sheridan College’s Spear-O-Wigwam Mountain Campus as part of the Summer 2015 Saturday U.

The Rocky Mountains were occupied at the same time as the rest of the American continents, approximately 14,000 years ago. The area of Middle Park, in Colorado, was extensively and continuously settled shortly after this time. It provides evidence of the adaptive strategies of the First Americans (Paleoindians) as they made their living in these high altitudes.

Saturday University is a collaborative program connecting popular University of Wyoming professors with Wyoming residents who have a desire to learn. Saturday University is sponsored by the University of Wyoming, University of Wyoming Foundation, UW Outreach School, and the Wyoming Humanities Council. The program is sponsored locally by Sheridan College and the Center for a Vital Community.

Video by UW Television, Outreach Technology Services
Camera/Editor: Ali Grossman, UWTV
Copyright 2015 University of Wyoming


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