MLK/Wyoming Equality Day 2021: Casper Freedom Trail


MLK/Wyoming Equality Day: Casper Freedom Trail


Casper MLK Day 2021 Planning Committee: (Alphabetical Order)
Reverend Nancy Boswell
Rachel Chadderdon
David Coleman
Nicole Coleman
Vince Crolla
Gabi DeVoogd
Janet de Vries
James Doser
Erich Frankland
Nurièh Glasgow
Taylor Hebden
RC Johnson
Reverend Bun Koo Lee
Pastor Mark Lewis
Tanis Lovercheck-Saunders
Wendy Luck
Reverend Dee Lundberg
Allison Maluchnick
Shelly McAlpin
Keri Owen
Pastor William Pierce
Jamie Purcell
Jeff Sun
Leah Reeb Varela
Bri Weige
Pastor Johnnie Young

ServeWyoming MLK National Day of Service Team: (Team Order)
Shelly McAlpin, Executive Director
Allison Maluchnik, Senior Program Manager
Wendy Luck, Volunteer Wyoming Program Director
Keri Owen, Program Manager

MLK Day/Wyoming Equality Day Celebration Presentation Production Team: (Alphabetical Order)
Vince Crolla, Film Researcher
Gabi DeVoogd, Production Coordinator
Janet de Vries, Location Manager
James Doser, Sound Producer
Taylor Hebden, Video Producer
RC Johnson, Film Researcher
Tanis Lovercheck-Saunders, Film Researcher
Allison Maluchnik, Executive Producer
Bri Weigel, Production Consultant

Oral Historians/Narrators: (Alphabetical Order)
Gabi DeVoogd
Nurièh Glasgow
RC Johnson
Pastor Mark Lewis
Pastor William H. Pierce
Leah Reeb Varela
Pastor Adrian White

Casper Freedom Trail: Route & Story Map Production (Alphabetical Order)
Casper College Geoscience Department, Story Map Creation & Hosting
David & Nicole Coleman, GIS Analysts, Mapping, Drone, Photography
Vince Crolla, Historical Researcher
Janet de Vries, Location Photographer
Tanis Lovercheck-Saunders, Historical Researcher
Jeff Sun, GIS Project Mentor

Donations Team: (Alphabetical)
Ivonne Chavez
Janet de Vries
Reverend Dee Lundberg
Debbie Mestas
Keri Owen
Jamie Purcelll

Casper College Geoscience Department (2021). Route and Story Maps.
Casper College Western History Center. Historic photos.
Casper Freedom Trail Story Map (
Columbus Free Press (
Crutcher, Betty B. & Davis, Melvin (1948-1949). Casper Negro Directory and Guide, Prairie Publishing, Casper, WY
DeVoogd, Gabi (2021). Voiceover narration.
de Vries, Janet (2020). Photographs of Casper Buildings
Directory of Unitarian & Universalists Biography. (
Glasgow, Nurièh (2021). Voiceover narration.
Internet Archive (Rhythm and Blues Revue : Ben Frye : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive)
Johnson, RC (2020). Oral history and family photos.
Jones, Walter R. (2012). Sand Bar. Natrona County Public Library Foundation, Casper WY
Lewis, Pastor Mark (2021). Oral history interview.
The Oklahoman (Selma to Montgomery: Alabama Senate Race Shows We Shall Overcome Some Day | HuffPost)
National Parks Service (
National Park Service (https://www.nps.go/places/alabama-brown-chapel-ame-church-selma.htm)
Pierce, Pastor William H. (2020). Oral history interview.
Varela, Leah Reeb (2021). Oral history interview.
White, Pastor Adrian (2021). Oral history interview.
Wyoming State Historical Society ( (James Reeb of Casper, Martyr to Civil Rights |

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