Moore Fame, Less Peace + Beth Moore


It all started innocently enough: with evangelistic aerobics.

As many famous Christians do, Beth Moore entered ministry with a simple desire: to teach people about Jesus. In the 1980s, that meant choreographing aerobics routines to Contemporary Christian Music. (Think Jazzercise for Jesus.) It also meant teaching a women’s Bible study class at church that quickly mushroomed in size. Soon, Beth was speaking at churches across the country, publishing several best-selling Bible studies, and starting her own ministry, Living Proof.

Many leaders would envy this kind of ascendant reach. As it turns out, Beth wouldn’t wish superstardom on anyone. As she told Katelyn and Roxy in this week’s episode, she doesn’t think anyone can thrive under an intense spotlight; they can only hope to survive it.

Beth has indeed survived it, using her platform since 2016 to speak up on behalf of women and people of color who have been hurt and marginalized in the evangelical church. Her public advocacy has received scrutiny from SBC leaders and online gadflies, but Beth is surviving because of the support of her family, plus simple joys like using her cast-iron skillet, visiting her neighbor’s donkey, and making batches of jelly.


Beth Moore is the founder of Living Proof Ministries and the author of several Bible studies and books, including the forthcoming memoir All My Knotted-Up Life.

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