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The Men Tell All special during season 19 of The Bachelorette aired on Aug. 29, and Nate Mitchell’s moment on the couch was the most buzzed-about part of the night. Men Tell All was filmed after two women came forward with allegations against Nate. The women claimed that they both dated Nate at the same time, and provided photos and alleged messages as evidence. One of them also alleged that Nate did not inform her that he had a daughter, even though they were together for more than a year.

Nate got to address the allegations during Men Tell All. “I went through a pretty traumatizing time when I went through a divorce,” Nate explained. “Essentially, the foundation that was built around my daughter was pretty much crumbled. The one thing that I protect the most on this Earth is my daughter. I would never bring her into a situation that I thought was dangerous, a situation that I feel is unstable. So i made me put a wall up to protect my daughter from the instability of my life.”

rachel recchia gabby wndey
Rachel and Gabby on ‘Men Tell All’ with host Jesse Palmer. (ABC)

Nate also discussed the allegations that he was dating two different women at once before the show. “I would say I’m deeply sorry for the way that I acted,” he admitted. “I should’ve been more communicative. I should’ve been more clear in my intentions and I pray that you forgive the man that I was. Because I’m not that same person.”

When host Jesse Palmer pointed out that people may now second guess the things that Nate said to Gabby Windey during their relationship on The Bachelorette, Nate insisted that everything he told her was real. “Every moment and emotion that I had with Gabby was real,” Nate explained. “We both felt it. We experienced it. In past relationships, I can’t always say that we had the commitment of being boyfriend and girlfriend, but with this, I committed to Gabby as her boyfriend. I walked into it with that motive.”

Later on in the show, Gabby and Rachel Recchia took center stage and had nothing but nice things to say about Nate. “You’re such a leader for all men in how well you treat women,” Gabby gushed.

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