NBA Analyst Shocked With Potential Lakers/Nets Trade Deal


Sportswriter Brian Windhorst attends a practice session at the 2018 USA Basketball Men's National Team minicamp at the Mendenhall Center at UNLV on July 27, 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
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On the last day of June, fireworks were going off on a trade deal that is earth shattering.

That potential deal that was told to NBA fans was of the Los Angeles Lakers trying to get both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

While this deal is far from being a done deal, or even possible, it shook the NBA world to its core.

With both players wanting the Brooklyn Nets to trade them, it’s blowing fans’ minds that the Lakers want both players.

However, some moments we’ve seen with this trade deal announcement have been great.


Richard Jefferson Says He’d Retire If Lakers Have LeBron, Irving, And KD

According to NBA insider Brian Windhorst, it has been “floated” by executives that the Lakers could potentially trade for both Irving and Durant.

The best moment after this floated idea was announced was that of analyst Richard Jefferson.

He literally came out and said he’d retire from the show his a part of if the deal were to happen.

No deal like this one has ever caused an analyst to say something this crazy.

However, the moment was something that shows how insane this deal is.

But that didn’t stop him from saying this, even with the Lakers’ history of making mega deals.

While their history shows they can make mega trade deals, this one would be by far the biggest trade deal ever.

However, there’s another deal that the Lakers might nail with the Nets


A Russell Westbrook For Kyrie Irving Deal Could Happen

With Irving wanting to leave Brooklyn, the team will need someone to replace him.

While Westbrook going to the Nets gives the team someone to replace their current point guard, he’s a more expensive player.

The deal is also one that has a better chance of happening than the Lakers getting both Irving and Durant.

But with the Lakers wanting to win now, and LeBron needing another Finals trophy for himself, they want more than Irving.

If they can’t get KD, they have one other superstar in mind that would also blow NBA fans away if they get him.


Nets Deal Has Lakers Wanting Stephen Curry Over Joe Harris

While the details of the Nets and Lakers deal for Irving are still being worked out, the deal would give the Lakers Joe Harris and Irving.

However, the Lakers want the Golden State Warriors star player, Stephen Curry, involved with this deal.

They will say no to Joe and hold out, hoping to get Curry.

If the team could land him, it would be insane.

But them being greedy could backfire on them.

With LeBron James wanting a super team around him, it’s hard for them to not want Curry.

However, if they can’t win championships with both Irving and James, then the Lakers need some serious help.

The Lakers should take the offer of Irving and Harris, something that can help them in 2022-23.

But the question comes down to if they will let their greed ruin a good trade.

If it does, Lakers fans should hold ownership responsible for tanking an offer that makes them NBA playoff contenders.

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