Neal Casal Fellowship Launched to Support Mental Health and Wellness in Music


A fellowship has been launched in Neal Casal’s honor to mark the third anniversary of the singer-songwriter’s death. Two nonprofits, the Neal Casal Music Foundation and Backline, are behind the Neal Casal Fellowship, which will allow a Neal Casal Fellow to work within Backline to help provide mental health and wellness resources to members of the music industry and their families. The paid role requires a weekly 10-hour commitment, and applications are open now. 

Jenn Glickman, a Backline co-founder, said in a press release, “The loss of Neal Casal started a ripple, and a long-overdue conversation across the music industry which led a group of us to form Backline in 2019 to create a stronger safety net for musicians and music industry professionals. Since our inception, we have provided mental health services to thousands of people across the country. The Neal Casal Fellowship is a powerful next chapter in our story with the Neal Casal Music Foundation, and will help us to expand our reach and clinical resources in 2023 and beyond.”

Backline and Neal Casal Music Foundation

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