Nevada Billion Dollar Streak Continues for 15th Month


The streak of Nevada billion dollar months has now reached fifteen. The state was able to bring in $1.3 billion in gaming revenue during the month of May, falling short of the $1.36 billion in March of this year.

Even though the revenue didn’t quite break a record, it was still the most money ever generated in the month of May. Additionally, this year’s numbers were nearly 6% higher than May of 2021, and over 30% higher that the same time in 2019.

The continued streak of Nevada billion dollar months was helped by an increase in visitors to Las Vegas, with over 3.4 million tourist passing through, according to the Convention and Visitors Authority. That was also a marked increase from the 2.9 million who visited in May the year before, but still trailing the numbers before the pandemic.

The majority of the state revenue came from Clark County, as one might suspect. Nearly 90%, or $1.1 billion, was generated in and around Las Vegas. The Strip pulled in over $730 million, which was a 12% increase from the year before. The downtown area around Fremont Street added nearly $80 million, which was a 5% increase.

The largest revenue generators for the month were table games and card games, which rose 10% from 2021 to bring in $430 million. The always popular slot machines also contributed to the continuation of the Nevada billion dollar streak, up over 3% to generate over $870 million.




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