Obscure Japanese PS1 Game Aconcagua Soon Available In English



Back in 2000 Sony released a game called Aconcagua for the PlayStation 1. An adventure game set in the aftermath of a plane crash in the Andes, it has spent the last 22 years only available in Japanese. Until now!

Hilltop—who we covered last year for their work on Racing Lagoon—will be releasing an English-language patch on July 11 that will finally make the game playable for, well, anyone who is able to be reading this post.

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of this game until today, and a quick search reveals that it’s not exactly regarded as a classic (a 29/40 from Famitsu is never great, even back then), but like Racing Lagoon, that’s not really the point here. The point is that this game is interesting, and practically none of us have ever got the chance to play it, so it’ll be cool to get the chance to check it out.

Aconcagua has you playing as a number of characters (you can swap between them), after only five people (including a journalist and political leader) survive a plane crash in South America caused by a terrorist bombing. It’s got a third-person viewpoint, and has you wandering around a snowy mountaintop solving puzzles and helping the other survivors get down to the bottom without being murdered by said terrorists.

Here’s some footage of the original Japanese release: note that it actually has a lot of English in it already, but only for cutscenes and voice acting; the text you needed to actually play the game was all in Japanese:

Aconcagua (アコンカグア) Ps1 Longplay [HD]

Here’s the English patch’s trailer, showing that the subtitles have now been translated:

Sony’s Aconcagua PS1 English Patch Releasing July 11th

You’ll be able to get the patch when it’s out here.

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